How Does The iWave Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Most San Antonio, TX, homeowners are shocked to learn that the air in their homes is two to five times more polluted than the air in their backyards. Indoor air pollution gets trapped by a tightly sealed building envelope. Poor ventilation exacerbates the problem. Your home could have airborne pollutants including volatile organic compounds, vapors from cooking and cleaning, and bacteria and viruses from coughs and sneezes.

Other common indoor air pollutants include dander, dust, and pollen. The iWave is an air purification system available in many models to suit your home’s size and style. It’s also available for commercial structures. Consider these ways the iWave can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

The iWave Fits Into Your Air Conditioning System

The iWave fits into the ducts of your air conditioning system. There aren’t any obtrusive parts, and it won’t take up any of your living space. Our skilled technicians install it into your existing ducts. We can do this as a retrofit in an existing home or in a new construction home. We also have an iWave model that can be mounted onto the wall or ceiling of a home that doesn’t have ductwork.

Creation of Ions to Deactivate Indoor Air Pollutants

The iWave uses bipolar ionization technology to create positively and negatively charged ions. These ions are attracted to the molecules floating through your home’s air. They form a chemical bond with those molecules. The bond breaks hydrogen atoms off the pollutants in your home’s air.

The result is the deactivation of those pollutants. These ions are the same types of ions created by natural forces, such as lightning and waterfalls. No ozone or other byproducts are released by the iWave.

Deactivated Particles Get Trapped By the HVAC Filter

The deactivated particles break down into smaller parts. They may decompose to harmless atoms and molecules, such as carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen. Some of the deactivated air pollutants stick together. As they clump together, they’ll be big enough to be trapped by your air conditioner’s filter. You’ll need to check the filter every month and replace it as soon as you see that it’s dirty.

Types of Molecules Deactivated or Destroyed By the iWave

The iWave air purifiers deactivate infectious germs, including bacteria and viruses. They also deactivate common allergens, including dust, dander, and pollen. The iWave deactivates mold spores, too. Vapors from cooking and cleaning and aerosols from adhesives and cooking oils are also broken apart by the iWave’s patented ionization process. Your home’s air will be fresher, healthier, and cleaner.

Unique Features of iWave Air Purifiers

The iWave-C requires no maintenance, and it’s available for use in residential and commercial buildings. The iWave-R, which is available for single-family homes, also requires no maintenance. Our low-maintenance iWave-V is an affordable choice for single-family homes. Thanks to the self-cleaning technology we built into each iWave air purifier, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the unit every day or sanitizing it on a regular basis.

Our air purifiers don’t require any replacement parts, such as filters. This makes the cost of ownership low. The iWave doesn’t release any byproducts. No ozone or other chemical irritants are produced by our air purifier, making it safe for people with chemical sensitivities, breathing problems, and chronic health conditions. We offer a three-year guarantee on all of our iWave products.

Other Types of iWave Air Purifiers

We produce many models of iWave air purifiers. Our standard model works in your home’s air ducts. If you have a ductless heating and cooling system, our iWave-M mini air purifier is the right choice for improving your home’s air quality. In addition to making iWave air purifiers for use in homes, we also offer commercial-grade iWave air purifiers. They’re a great way to keep your office’s air healthy. We also offer iWave purification systems for large buildings, including schools, clinics, and other facilities.

Rosenberg Plumbing & Air is San Antonio’s trusted provider of indoor air quality services. Homeowners also turn to us for heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation. Our ductwork services and dehumidifiers keep your home energy efficient and comfortable.

If you’re a business owner in the San Antonio area, you can count on us for reliable ice machine repair and refrigeration and freezer services. For more details about how the iWave improves indoor air quality, get in touch with us at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air today.

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