Timely Maintenance Reduces Energy Costs and Increases Your System’s Life

A Comfort Club Membership with Rosenberg Plumbing & Air offers you a way to reduce your energy costs while extending the life of your equipment. You will avoid inconvenient and expensive breakdowns, receive discounts on our services and never pay overtime charges. Our Tune-ups are detailed and better than most of our competition. We don’t just come out to your home and “kick the tires”. Our experienced technicians will spend 1 to 1 1/2 hours examining your air conditioning and heating system and make the proper adjustments. We will also provide a written report about the system and what was done during each service visit. We will also provide a written report about the system and what was done during the service.

What is Included in the Comfort Club Membership?

Advantages to You

  • One (1) year warranty on repair parts and labor.
  • Priority Service.
  • Scheduling made easy
  • Text / email reminder for routine maintenance
  • Increase equipment life
  • Increase comfort
  • Discounted Repairs
  • Reduced service fee
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Lower utility bills
  • Emergency service
  • Service documentation

Spring Precision Tune Up

  1. Verify System Operation
  2. Inspect filter for cleanliness
  3. Clean condenser
  4. Inspect and tighten electrical connects
  5. Check amperage
  6. Check Voltage
  7. Check belts and tighten if applicable
  8. Check temp Delta
  9. Check the refrigerant pressures and temperatures for proper levels
  10. Check the supply and return static pressure
  11. Check UV light if applicable
  12. Check metering device
  13. Inspect evaporator coil for dirt, rust, or slime
  14. Verify that there is a safety control in the secondary drain pan when applicable
  15. check the thermostat and calibration
  16. Blow out condensate drain
  17. Inspect accessible ductwork
  18. Check insulation level in attic
  19. Check capacitors for leakage and microfarad levels
  20. Check contactor for worn/pitted contacts
  21. Check noise level of condenser fan motor & compressor
  22. Check superheat & subcooling temperatures
  23. Remove debris from inside condenser
  24. Clean up any trash around work area
  25. Record condition, age of equipment and recommendations

Fall Precision Tune Up

  1. Check Filters
  2. Check for carbon monoxide level
  3. Verify proper draft
  4. Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  5. Check heat exchanger for cracks
  6. Inspect evaporator coil for dirt, rust, or slime
  7. Blow out condensate drain
  8. Clean burner assembly
  9. Clean heat exchanger
  10. Clean and adjust pilot if applicable
  11. Vacuum area around furnace
  12. Check UV light if applicable
  13. Check gas connections
  14. Check blower motor amperage
  15. Check for gas leaks
  16. Check return static pressure
  17. Check supply static pressure
  18. Check heat anticipator setting when applicable
  19. Check combustion air
  20. Check thermostat and calibration
  21. Test safety controls
  22. Check insulation level in attic
  23. Inspect accessible ductwork
  24. Record model & serial numbers
  25. Cycle A/C & heat at thermostat to make sure both operate
  26. Record condition, age of equipment, and recommendations
  27. Check induction motor
  28. Clean up any trash around work area

Club Membership and Enhanced Club Membership Pricing

Below is the new residential agreement pricing.

#Systems 1 System 2 Systems 3 Systems
Annual Investment $199.00 per year $358.00 per year $517.00 per year
Monthly Investment $17.50 per month $31.00 per month $44.50 per month

Each Additional System is $159.00 per year.

We Are Now Offering an Enhanced Maintenance Plan Which Includes:

  • Free Service Fees During the Year ($89.00 Value)
  • Free Clearing of Drain Line Between PM’s (if needed)
  • Lifetime T-Stat Warranty
#Systems 1 System 2 Systems 3 Systems
Annual Investment $275.00 per year $510.00 per year $745.00 per year
Monthly Investment $23.75 per month $44.00 per month $64.00 per month

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How Our Comfort Club Membership Helps You

comfort club logo By choosing year-round protection with a Comfort Club Membership for your heating and air conditioning, you’ll enjoy these benefits: “First-in-line” Priority Service! Our Comfort Club Membership customers receive emergency service at discounted rates. Plus, the first calls of the day are reserved exclusively for you. We mean it when we say “Comfort on Demand”. Immediate savings. With two tune-ups included in our service plans, you save money right away – $149 of the cost of purchasing separate heating and air conditioning tune-ups. Regular tune-ups also save you money by cutting energy use, preventing repairs and extending equipment life. Big discounts. PSA customers save on all repair costs and save on service fees. The discount even applies to repairs for A/C compressor failures out of warranty and heat exchangers. More savings. PSA customers never pay after-hours service call fees for repairs, including weekends and holidays. Safety. Our heating system tune-ups include safety and exhaust venting checks. The air conditioning system checks include electrical checks.

Why Rosenberg Plumbing & Air is the Company to Choose For Your Preventative Maintenance

Most heating and air conditioning companies look the same from the outside. The truth is, they’re not. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air we have spent years perfecting the things that really make a difference to our customers. Master heating and air conditioning tune-ups. When we tune-up your system, we make sure it runs at peak efficiency by performing the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and by using the most advanced diagnostic tools and techniques. Not every company is this thorough. We spend 1-2 hours per system. Expert safety inspections. We follow strict standards when testing for sources of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. No subcontractors. Other companies may send inexperienced subcontractors to your home to do service work. Not us. All our technicians receive ongoing training and have all the resources they need to solve the most complicated problems. Familiar faces. Most of our employees have been with us for years. They’re people you’ll come to know and trust. We don’t surprise you with extra charges. When you are covered by our Comfort Club Membership, there are no added charges for condenser coil cleanings, cleaning ribbon burners or adjusting gas pressure.

The Advantage is a Long Life for Your Air Conditioning System and Lower Energy Bills All Year Long!

Reduce breakdowns – Up to 80% of air conditioning repairs can be eliminated by scheduling preventative maintenance and replacing the filter regularly. Most major problems are caused by unattended minor ones. Members get Priority Service! Only PSA customers receive holiday and emergency night/weekend service with no extra charges. Our PSA customers are always “first in line.” Safety – Our heating system tune-ups include safety and venting checks that also test for carbon monoxide. Reduced Repair Costs – on any repairs your system may need. Extend the Life of Your Equipment – Scheduled maintenance can extend the life of your equipment by 25% or more. Duct Inspection – Up to 20% of your annual energy costs can be due to duct leakage even with a new air conditioning unit. Keep Manufacturer Warranties Valid – Most manufacturers require proper maintenance on the equipment to keep their warranties valid. Monthly Filter Reminders – A quick email sent so you do not forget to replace your filter. Semi-Annual Tune-up Reminder E-Mail/Texts – Sent to you twice a year when it’s time for your next maintenance call. Discount Coupons – We reward our PSA customers with additional discount coupons and specials on air conditioning service.