San Antonio, TX Heat Pump Services

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Heat Pump Services in San Antonio, TX

Air source pumps, ground source pumps, and absorption heat pumps are the three main types of heat pumps. They all work in a similar way by taking heat from an outside source to heat the home through refrigerant and fans. Heat pumps can both heat and cool a home, and are a more cost-efficient way to do so. At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort, we offer our customers in San Antonio and surrounding areas full-service heat pump solutions including maintenance, repairs, and installations.

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Most heat pumps function in the same way. They transfer heat from outside air to the pump inside, and send it across coils. These coils transfer the heat to the inside with fans and redirect the cool air outside with another fan. Ground source heat pumps use pipes that are underground to gather heat and transfer across the coils inside the pump to direct it back into the house.

Our experts are trained and skilled to work on the latest heat pump technology to ensure that whichever unit you choose for your home, our experts can install it for you, guaranteed.

What Are the Benefits of These Units?

Lennox AC Repair & InstallationThere are several benefits to efficiently working heat pumps that allow you to enjoy improved home comfort. These benefits include:

  • Greater energy savings
  • More efficient heating and cooling
  • Even temperatures throughout the home
  • Increased lifespan of major heating and cooling systems

Heat pumps make a great addition to the heating and cooling systems in your home. With proper installation you can enjoy energy savings and increased comfort in no time!

Why Hire a Professional for Help?

When making any investment in the heating and cooling systems in your home, it is always best to get professional help. Our expert staff can carry out full-service solutions that will get the job done on time and at a price you can agree on. Additionally, we can help you choose the best unit that will accommodate your needs and budget.

No matter which brand or model of heat pump you choose, our professionals can provide you with the highest quality services, guaranteed.

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