By Tom Hull

It’s that time of the year again. The temperature is cooling down, fall and winter are in the air, the need to wear a sweater or coat makes the long hot summer memories fade away.

Do you remember? What it was like to get in your car after it sat all day in the sun? No matter how little or light your clothing was, you’d still sweat? Did you ever come home this summer to find your air conditioner had quit working? Worse yet, you cringed when you had to turn it on because you couldn’t afford another high utility bill?

I’ve talked to many people over the years about this very issue. What is a high utility bill? To a lot of people, high isn’t that high. I mean there are some that would think $300-350 a month isn’t bad! But there are others that might think that’s ridiculous!

Let me make two points:

Whole House Diagnostic with Rosenberg Plumbing & Air

  1. It costs money to get and stay comfortable. We all know our cars get less MPG when we’re running the a/c but we don’t care, we want to be comfortable! And we’re willing to pay extra for it. It’s the same in our homes; we know it costs money to stay comfortable and we’re willing to pay for it. On this same point I will say that of all the people I’ve talked to over the span of my 38+ year career, I have come to the conclusion ‘comfort is relative’. And what is comfortable to you may not be comfortable to me. That’s why thermostats are adjustable! And some people are willing to pay a lot for comfort!
  2. Is all the money you’re spending on being comfortable actually making you comfortable? There is a way to find out. We call it a ‘whole-house diagnostic’. It’s kind of like a physical for your comfort system. The visits we make for our semi-annual maintenances are to help ensure safe and efficient operation of the equipment. But the ‘physical’ I’m talking about tests the ‘house’, how the system is operating as ‘a whole’, with the house. You see, there are a number of different things that can effect the operation of the equipment because of the house!

Why not have a physical done now, find out what can and needs to be done to possibly help lower those utilities or better yet, make you more comfortable for the dollar!

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