Get Your Ducts Cleaned with Rosenberg Plumbing & AirI am the kind of person that likes to answer questions with questions. It’s annoying I know, I just can’t help myself. So, why do you think your ducts are dirty?

“I can see dirt around my ceiling diffusers and my allergies are killing me so…”

First of all, there is nothing I can do to cure your allergies (that is what my doctor says!). Are there things we can do and/or offer that will help? Yes. But there are no guarantees your allergies will subside.

Second, dirty grilles, alone, do not indicate that the ducts are dirty. Dirt in the air surrounding the diffuser can adhere to the face of the diffuser, and sometimes the surrounding ceiling, and make you think the dirt is coming from the ductwork.

Third, unsealed register boxes can also cause dirt to show up on the ceiling surrounding the register because air is being drawn from the attic through the unsealed openings between the register box and the sheetrock.
If the inside of your ducts are dirty will cleaning them help? Not if you don’t fix why they got dirty to begin with. “How did my ducts get dirty?” Now we’re asking the right question! The number one reason is poor filtration and/or waiting too long between filter changes. It is also possible that there is unfiltered air entering the return air stream somewhere.

So the direct answer to your question now is: “When can we schedule our system specialist to come to your home/business to investigate your system, find the problem(s) and make the proper recommendations for your filtration and comfort needs?” If you think your ducts are dirty, call us today at (210) 987-5587.