How Does The iWave Improve Indoor Air Quality

February 18, 2021

Most San Antonio, TX, homeowners are shocked to learn that the air in their homes is two to five times more polluted than the air in their backyards. Indoor air pollution gets trapped by a tightly sealed building envelope. Poor ventilation exacerbates the problem. Your home could have airborne pollutants including volatile organic compounds, vapors from cooking and cleaning, and bacteria and viruses from coughs and sneezes. Other common indoor air pollutants include dander, dust, and pollen. The iWave is an air purification system available in many models to suit your home’s size and style. It’s also available for commercial structures. Consider these ways the iWave can improve your home’s indoor air quality. The iWave Fits Into Your Air Conditioning System The iWave fits into the ducts of your air conditioning system. There aren’t any obtrusive parts, and it won’t take up any of your living space. Our skilled technicians install it into your existing ducts. We can do this as a retrofit in an existing home or in a new construction home. We also have an iWave model that can be mounted onto the wall or ceiling of a home that doesn’t have ductwork. Creation of Ions to Deactivate...

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