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    San Antonio, TX Heating Company

    Most homeowners don’t give their furnace or heater a second thought as long as it is working and keeping their home comfortable. But when temperatures drop and you need help, look to Rosenberg Plumbing & Air for fast services done right by our heating technicians. Call us at (210) 987-5587 to schedule immediate heating installation and repair services by a quality heating company in San Antonio and surrounding areas. 
    Heating Company in San Antonio, TX

    Rosenberg Plumbing & Air provides industry-leading heating solutions including repairs, maintenance, and installations. See what some of our past customers have to say about our services here, and call us today!

    The Best Heating Service in San Antonio

    Does Your Heating System in San Antonio Need Repair?

    When a heater or furnace starts to fail, you can start to notice the signs and symptoms. You may notice that these symptoms get worse over the course of a few days. By taking action quickly, you can avoid further problems and discomfort.

    Here are a few problem signs to look out for in your heater or furnace:

    • Cycling on and off frequently and making strange or loud sounds with each cycle of the system (the strange sounds may occur at the start of the heating cycle, the end, or throughout)
    • Failing to reach the temperature you set on the thermostat
    • Unit is constantly running without stopping, but your home doesn’t feel warmer
    • Pilot light will not turn on, or it does turn on but keeps going out

    If you notice these or other problems with your heating system, get the professional help you need fast, before further issues occur. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air we have the skills and knowledge needed to fix your system and return your home to normal.

    Quality Heating Technicians in San Antonio

    Our furnace technicians in San Antonio are certified and very knowledgeable of new and old heating systems. Electrical furnaces last on average 15 years before they need to be replaced. A gas furnace usually lasts about 20 years before requiring replacement. However, a unit may not last for its full life expectancy if it is not properly maintained by our quality heating technicians

    A furnace should receive an annual tune-up each fall before the onset of the heating season. With regular maintenance, your furnace will deliver many years of reliable comfort to your family. Our experts can provide you with efficient and thorough maintenance services that can significantly extend the life of your system.

    Why Choose Rosenberg Plumbing & Air As Your Heating Company?

    Heating Technicians in San AntonioWhen it comes to the heating systems in your home, receiving professional service is critical. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air we set the standard for quality heating services. From heating repairs to installations, and everything else in between, we have the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right and at a price, you can agree on.

    We offer some of the most affordable rates in the area, which will help you enjoy peace of high quality that you are receiving high-quality service without breaking the bank. So before suffering through the winter with no heat, trust in our professionals to help you today! Not looking for heating service? We also offer cooling services as well!

    Trust the heating company with over a decade of experience serving the community. We are available 24/7 throughout the San Antonio area, so call (210) 987-5587 and schedule an appointment for immediate attention today!