Tips for Finding Air Leaks in Your Home

February 22, 2019

Cracks and other openings in the doors and windows can cause air leaks in your San Antonio home. When this situation happens, you have to find a way of sealing the openings to avoid losing heat and inflating your energy bills. Here are some of the ways you can detect air leaks. Use Your Hand This technique works best on cold days. All you need to do is to heat the interior so that the air inside is hotter than that flowing through the cracks. After heating, place your hand around the areas where you suspect the air is leaking through. Feel around the edges of the windows and doors. If there is a leak, you will feel the cold air blowing on your hands. Use a Candle The candle method is used for leaks that are small. These leaks may not be detected by your hand, but a candle will do the trick. Simply light a candle and pass it near the places that are likely to let air inside your house. Pay attention to the flame because when there is a leak, the flame will shake. Depressurize the House to Find Air Leaks Just like the hand test,...

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