Tips for Finding Air Leaks in Your Home

February 22, 2019

Cracks and other openings in the doors and windows can cause air leaks in your San Antonio home. When this situation happens, you have to find a way of sealing the openings to avoid losing heat and inflating your energy bills. If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance you’re losing already heated or cooled air. Air leaks are almost expected in older homes, they’re so common. Typically coming from underneath doors and around windows, air leaks are drafty areas where your home isn’t protected from the elements of the outdoors. This creates more work for your HVAC system, along with worsening the air quality within your home. In this handy guide, we let you know how you can inspect your home for air leaks, and what you can do about them once you’ve found them. Why Finding Air Leaks Is So Important You might think a little leak around your windows is no big deal, and in the short term, it isn’t. Over time, however, those small amounts of energy loss add up to substantial amounts of wasted natural fuel and money. The more leaks your home has, the worse the problem will be and the...

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