6 HVAC Tips for the Holidays

Residential Home Decorated for Holidays in San Antonio, TX

Decorating for the holidays is easily rated as one of the top joys for a homeowner. However, you’ll want to begin now if you’ve never considered your HVAC unit around the holidays. Consider the following six HVAC tips for the holidays.

1. Avoid Abrupt and Consistent Temperature Changes

The thermostat adjusts to the temperature in the room. Constantly opening windows or changing the thermostat will result in a higher energy bill the following month. If you want to maintain a consistent airflow, don’t change the thermostat regularly.

2. Seal All Openings

If you have an older home, it’s not uncommon to experience small cracks in the windows, doors and other openings. These seemingly small details can make a major difference in keeping the heat in your home. If the heat escapes, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a warm environment. When you simply open your window a few centimeters, those centimeters of fresh air can make a difference in the room’s temperature.

Eventually, you’ll want to invest in energy-efficient windows. In the meantime, seal all of those openings that release air. Find the cracks and caulk them. Replace the old window trim that air escapes through. Use some spray foam to fill in larger areas. Add a weatherstrip to your doors and windows. All these small changes can help lower your energy bill.

3. Check the Air Filters

Most HVAC professionals recommend changing a home’s air filter at least every 90 days. During the holiday season, many people anticipate the arrival of visitors. They also cook more, and they burn more holiday candles. All of these elements impact the air filters.

If the air filters are filled with dust, dirt and debris, it’ll be harder to maintain clean indoor air quality. This will result in a guest’s inability to breathe comfortably in your home. It’s never ideal for guests to sneeze a lot or need fresh air because they were spending time in your home. Replace the filters before your guests arrive, and you’ll reduce the chances of poor indoor air quality. Replacing your air filters also helps your HVAC unit to operate better. You won’t spend as much on your next bill when your HVAC unit doesn’t need to work harder to get cleaner air circulating throughout the home.

4. Create Decorating Zones

Designate certain areas of the house as decorating zones. While decorations aren’t bad, certain areas must be off-limits because of the potential problems they can cause. Don’t place any decorations on top of any vents. Air needs to flow efficiently throughout the home. If you have items covering vents, this will force the HVAC unit to work harder to get the same results. Pay attention to where your thermostat is. Refrain from covering your thermostat with any decorations. Depending on the type of thermostat you have, when you cover your thermostat, this can cause it to misread the temperature in the house and make the home uncomfortably warm or cold.

5. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Typically, carbon monoxide poisoning happens due to the use of certain appliances such as generators, gas heaters and gas boilers. As you and your family stay indoors, you’ll naturally use more heat resources that can cause this type of poisoning. Before roasting those chestnuts over an open fire, protect your household by checking your carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure the detectors are of good quality. Replace the batteries to ensure the detectors are in working order. If you doneed to learnow to test your detectors, get a professional to test them for you.

6. Dust Your Surfaces

When you’re pulling out decorations and holiday-themed items from their storage areas, chances are you will also pull out a lot of dust. In order to decrease the circulation of dust particles and negatively impact your indoor air quality, take the items outside to remove dust first. Then, dust throughout the home in order to remove any remaining particles.

When you’re preparing for the holidays, don’t simply focus on the perfect holiday pictures, gifts and parties. Instead, take time to consider your HVAC unit. By enlisting these tips and the help of the professionals at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio, you’ll be able to peacefully enjoy the holidays without concern for an inefficient HVAC unit. We offer commercial and residential heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance, air purification products, and ductwork services. For help moving forward, contact Rosenberg Plumbing & Air today.

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