San Antonio Marks Record-Breaking Heat Wave

The recent string of triple-digit temperature days San Antonio has experienced recently has led to high electrical usage, an increased risk of wildfires and health issues for pets and people in the San Antonio area. The San Antonio heatwave, while uncomfortable, affects residents in ways that are difficult to measure. Even at night, the people who are living in the area find little relief unless there is a solution through reliable equipment or other methods. Here are some factors to consider when preparing for, or living with, ultra-high outdoor temperatures.

Overwhelming heat has significant effects on the health of people and pets. Ensuring that people take steps to avoid overheating over a lengthy period of time. Heat exhaustion is a relatively frequent result of the body’s response to severe heat. Symptoms include dizziness, headache, and fainting. For elderly people who live alone, a support network needs to be developed to ensure that they have not succumbed to high temperatures.

Pets are also susceptible to high outdoor temperatures. Pets should be provided with shade if they are outdoor pets. For animals that are normally housed indoors, the climate indoors should be adjusted to help the animals be comfortable. Plenty of fresh clean water should be made available to the indoor pets so they do not suffer from dehydration or other heat-related issues.

High temperatures have an effect on plants as well as on people. As the normal growth of shrubs, grass and trees dry out, the risk of wildfires grows significantly. The slightest spark from a careless camper, an electrical spark or a lightning strike can cause the dry areas to ignite. They may smolder for an extended period before bursting into flame. Extra care regarding campfires, use of electrical equipment and lightning strikes may help to reduce the risk of fire during extra hot and dry weather.

Those who are most affected by excessive heat are the elderly and young children. In children, the body mass tends to be lower and it is more difficult to ensure that they remain hydrated. The fluctuations of body mass temperature can quickly rise to dangerous levels. If there is reduced circulation, it is more difficult to cool the core of the body.

Particularly when the weather is hot, a failing HVAC can represent a disaster. The interior of the household can become dangerously warm. Where there is an emergency HVAC San Antonio event, a reliable repair team is needed. The best technicians respond to emergency calls around the clock.

The San Antonio AC repair technicians are able to respond quickly and they have the necessary parts and tools to complete the repair. There is no need to suffer from the high temperatures when the system can be brought back to full operation quickly.

While record-setting temperatures are uncomfortable, the right HVAC system is able to bring interior temperatures to a comfortable level. When the interior climate is comfortable, the health and comfort of the inhabitants are improved. Regular inspections may help to prevent problems that result in an emergency failure of the system.

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