San Antonio Marks Record-Breaking Heat Wave

August 17, 2016

The recent string of triple-digit temperature days San Antonio has experienced recently has led to high electrical usage, an increased risk of wildfires and health issues for pets and people in the San Antonio area. The San Antonio heat wave, while uncomfortable, affects residents in ways that are difficult to measure. Even at night, the people who are living in the area find little relief unless there is a solution through reliable equipment or other methods. Here are some factors to consider when preparing for, or living with, ultra-high outdoor temperatures.

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Guide To Summer Heat Advisories And The Real Dangers Of Hot Weather

August 1, 2016

When the hot summer months arrive, the desire to get outdoors and have fun come with it. However, most people tend to ignore the summer heat advisories and warnings by carrying on with their daily lives and mow the lawn or sit out in the sun. There are some risks that you must become aware of though. Read this article now to find out more about the dangers of hot weather.

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How Air Conditioning Makes Summer In San Antonio Easy

June 28, 2016

Texas is known for its brutally hot and humid summers. From Austin to Houston, it is essential for homes and properties to have central or portable cooling units. If you reside in the Alamo City, you may be wondering how air conditioning makes summer in San Antonio easy. The answer is simply that AC units keep properties cool with essential airflow during those scorching summer months.

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