Is It Bad to Run My Heating System 24/7?

When it comes to keeping your home warm, there are two different approaches you can take with your heating system. You can program your system to turn on and off throughout the day to maintain the specified temperature, or, you can simply let your system run continuously throughout the entire season.

The following is a quick overview of which approach might be best for your situation. Regardless of how often you run your system, a reliable furnace and heating system is a must.

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How Do I Run My System Continuously?

You can decide how to run your system with your home’s thermostat. By putting your fan setting on “Auto,” that means your system will run until it reaches the desired temperature and then it will power down. Once the temperature falls, it will repeat the process.

When you choose the “On” setting for your fan, that means your furnace will turn on and off as needed but your fan will run all the time, circulating air throughout your home continuously.

Which Causes More Wear and Tear?

Many homeowners fear that running their systems all the time will wear them out in a hurry. Heating systems and their various components are quite resilient.

If you’re starting and stopping your system, you’re forcing it to power up and down several times throughout the day. That serves as just as much, if not more, stress as running it all the time. Your system is designed to run all the time. You’re not putting any undue stress on it by doing so.

Is It Right for My Home?

Running a heating system all the time is beneficial for homes that experience uneven temperatures. This tends to be more common with two-story homes. Also, running your system continuously will help you achieve better air quality by circulating more air through your filter.

If you are looking for either of these benefits, running your heating system all the time is the way to go.

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