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Air Quality in San Antonio, TX

Air quality is a subject that no homeowner should ignore. Doing so may result in an unhealthy breathing environment. It is important to know your options and the details that come with them. At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort, we are dedicated to the health and comfort of all of our customers. As such, we offer some of the best air quality services in and around the San Antonio area. Whether you need to repair your ductwork, install a UV air sanitizer, or simply looking to decrease the humidity in your home, we can help.

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Common Problems Effecting Indoor Air Quality

There are quite a few problems affecting the indoor air quality of your home. They can cause allergies to flare up, uncomfortable breathing, and even health problems.

Here are some of the more common issues that can be found:

  • Allergens: Things such as dust, pet dander, and pollen can create an unpleasant breathing environment in your home.
  • Bacteria and mold: A buildup of bacteria and mold in your home’s air can result in serious health issues if left ignored.
  • Stale air: Breathing stale air may get uncomfortable after some time. It also may aid unwanted odors in sticking around longer.
  • Household chemicals: From your cleaning products to the paint on the walls to the aerosol products you use, every home is loaded with chemicals that may affect your indoor air quality.

By taking preventive measures you can avoid serious air quality issues. Our experts at Rosenberg Indoor Comfort offer the best quality solutions in the area, which can be used to combat even the trickiest pollutants and ensure a healthy home environment.

What Are the Benefits of Air Duct Repairs?

Air QualityYour air ducts are responsible for transferring air throughout your home. Over time, this ductwork can become damaged, causing you to lose comfort and your HVAC system to lose efficiency. One way to eliminate this issue is to have your ducts repaired by our expert staff.

We offer comprehensive air duct repairs and replacements, which can be used to make the most of your HVAC system. With perfectly functioning air ducts, your air conditioner will work more efficiently, and air will be distributed evenly throughout your home. Call us today to have your ductwork inspected. We will make sure your system is working as it should at all times!

Should You Consider a Dehumidifier For Your Home?

A dehumidifier helps take the humidity out of the air. It works by drawing in air, then regulating it to a certain temperature below the dew point. After the humidity is released into a trap, the clean air is put back into circulation. It takes, removes, and then gives back.

Excessive humidity in the air can cause many problems ranging from odors to creating a food supply for bacteria and mold. By eliminating the source, you will find a solution. Not only is the air safer to breathe when you add a dehumidifier, it also becomes more comfortable.

Choose Our Professionals For Help

As homeowners ourselves we understand exactly how important indoor air quality is to your health and the health of your family. As such, we make it our goal to ensure that our customers’ homes are safe and comfortable year-round. By using our professional air quality services, you will be able to enjoy a safe and allergen-free environment. This can help add value to your home as well.

We will work with your budget and needs to ensure that whatever system we install will be the best fit for your home. So give us a call today and get the very best air quality solutions in no time!

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