How Often Should I Have My Cooling System Inspected?

How Often Should I Have My Cooling System Inspected?

When you’re a homeowner, you have a lot of different responsibilities on your plate. One that you never want to let slip your mind is to have your cooling system inspected. The ideal recommendation is to have this service performed by a licensed professional at least once a year.

Springtime Is Best

Just as it’s recommended that you get your heating system inspected in the fall before you need to use it, it’s also recommended that you get your cooling system inspected in the springtime before you need to use it. This will not only help to ensure that you get quick service, as summertime hours for HVAC technicians can be crazy, but it also ensures that you have time to fix any issues that may crop up with your system before you need to rely on it every day.

What’s Included in a Cooling System Inspection?

You can expect your cooling system inspection to take anywhere between one and three hours. Your chosen technician will go through your entire cooling system to give it a thorough inspection. They’ll check for basic functioning, clean up any dirty parts, test all the system’s safety mechanisms and provide you with an estimated remaining life span.

Maintains Your System’s Warranty

One of the most important reasons that you want to have your air conditioning system inspected by a licensed professional is that most manufacturers require it to maintain the warranty on your system. If you read the fine print in your cooling system warranty contract, it will typically state that you need to have a certified HVAC technician inspect your entire system at least once a year. If you miss even one year, it could void the remaining warranty on your cooling system. That means that you’ll be paying out of pocket for future repair bills.

Ensures Optimal System Efficiency

Another imperative reason that you want to invest in annual service for your cooling system is that it helps ensure that it’s working as efficiently as possible. The more efficiently your cooling system operates, the less money you’re going to spend on electricity to power it. If your cooling system doesn’t get serviced, grime will likely build up inside your system and prematurely wear out its components. This can lead to more repair calls and less time to enjoy your system’s cooling air.

Longer Operating Lifespan

There’s a reason that many people invest in maintenance for all sorts of items. This process helps to lubricate moving parts and keep your system in good working order. When your cooling system regularly receives annual maintenance, its internal components will last much longer. This means your cooling system will have a longer lifespan and end up saving you more money in fixed costs over its entire lifespan.

Identify Problems While They’re Small

When you bring in a licensed HVAC professional to perform an inspection on your cooling system, they will be able to alert you of any problems, no matter how small they are. This is a big benefit to have as a homeowner as you can catch system problems while they’re in the small stage before they become major issues. Typically, problems are cheaper to fix when they’re smaller than when they become bigger and worse.

Peace of Mind

One benefit of having an annual cooling system inspection is the peace of mind that you get from it. When you leave things unattended, it’s very easy to build up stress about that item. You never know when it might break down on you or how much longer it has before it completely fails.

When you bring in an HVAC technician to inspect your air conditioning system each year, they will not only ensure that your system is functioning efficiently, but they can also give you an estimated remaining lifespan. This will give you time to determine when you will need to invest in a system replacement and to properly budget it into your financial outlook.

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