Guide To Summer Heat Advisories And The Real Dangers Of Hot Weather

When the hot summer months arrive, the desire to get outdoors and have fun come with it. However, most people tend to ignore the summer heat advisories and warnings by carrying on with their daily lives and mow the lawn or sit out in the sun. There are some risks that you must become aware of though. Read this article now to find out more about the dangers of hot weather.

When the outside temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than two hours, heat advisories are then issued. Heat advisory warns of the dangers of a heatwave and the precautions that need to be taken by people. The issuance of it is important to raise awareness to public. These precautions include changing outdoor work environment and no turning off electricity.

The most obvious dangers of a hot summer are cramps, exhaustion, and stroke. Cramps occur in the muscle and cause them to spasm. This results from low sodium levels in the body due to excess sweating. People can dehydrate quickly during the hot season and will need to drink plenty of fluids to regulate their body temperature.

Summer weather can impose many risks. Flash lightening is a side effect of the heatwave. If the weather predictions show an upcoming lightning, you must always stay inside the house and stay away from metal structures. Flash floods are also another danger of the heatwave.

Hurricanes and tornadoes can be just as life threatening as the heatwave. This is when the residents that are to be affected by the severe weather are evacuated. The best way to keep you and your family safe is to pay attention to the weather reports.

In most US states, summer is accompanied by humidity, which increases the chances of your home developing mold. Mold is dangerous for health as it can cause nose and throat infection, chronic coughs, and asthmatic conditions. To protect your health and home, consider installing an air conditioning unit to keep you and your family cool in the summer.

Installing an AC unit not only helps keep you cool, but it can also prevent heat stroke. A qualified HVAC specialist will be able to install a high quality AC model that will work efficiently for at least ten years. With routine maintenance and servicing, your AC unit will save you money on utility bills.

If you live in a dry and humid area in the US, the dangers of fire are real. Even smoking a cigarette, or having a barbecue can be dangerous. Many wildfires that start during the hot season are triggered by people. It would therefore be best to stay out of the heatwave and spend your time in an air conditioned room. Shopping malls are air conditioned so they are the best option in case you need to spend a day out of the house. Remember that fans are not sufficient as they only blow hot air around. Only an air conditioner can work effectively to keep everyone cool during the hot season.

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