3 Advantages of a Ductless Mini-split System

Ductless Mini-Split in San Antonio, TX

Ductless mini-split systems have become effective and convenient for heating and cooling interior spaces in many residential and small commercial buildings in recent times. These systems differ from traditional central HVAC systems because they do not rely on ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. Mini-split systems have two primary units: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-distributing unit. The indoor air handlers are small and installed in specific indoor spots within your home to regulate the air around them. Even so, you may be wondering what the real benefits of these units are. Here are three reasons why you should consider installing a ductless mini-split unit in your home.

1. Easy to Install

Looking at the ease with which ductless mini-split units can be installed compared to other types of HVAC systems is astounding. Because of the ducts, installing a central unit can take a surprisingly long time. In addition, you have to tolerate all the disruptions in your home as long as the process lasts. On the other hand, the process of installing a ductless mini-split system is less invasive. Thus, depending on the number of rooms in your home, the unit may be up and running in just a few hours. Outdoor and indoor units of the ductless mini-split system are connected by a conduit inserted in a three-inch hole. That means you will not rebuild walls, floors, and ceilings around ducts. Furthermore, different mini-split manufacturing companies can provide diverse conduit lengths, allowing you to connect indoor and outdoor units up to 50 feet apart. You can also choose to install the units in an unobtrusive location, such as at the back of your home.

2. Higher Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the main reason many homeowners switch to ductless mini-split units. To keep your home comfortable means that your unit has to be running for a significant number of hours during the day and at night. An old or inefficient system will work harder to keep you comfortable, which will increase your utility bills significantly. In addition, central systems lose conditioned air due to leaks and the time it takes to transport through the ductwork. Since ductless systems do not have ducts, they have higher energy savings. The ductless system transfers cooled air through copper tubing from the condenser to the nearby interior units. Copper is more resistant to leaks because it is more durable than some ductwork materials. Furthermore, depending on your requirements, you can turn off the ductless mini splits in specific rooms, which saves you more energy and lowers your electric bill.

3. They Are Relatively Silent

The newer models of ductless mini-split units are the quietest air conditioners and heaters that you can install in your home. Conventional appliances are noisier, especially when you first turn them on, even if you have insulated your blower. Even though earlier mini-split models were somewhat noisier, modern units are made with fans that run at lower speeds while still providing ideal cooling in each zone. Fans running at lower speeds means that there is very low noise emanating from the system. The fan and the condenser are located outside your home to reduce noise. An air handler has a blower, which emits a low level of noise, and it also has a coil that may buzz or hum as air passes over them. These noises, however, are in the 18 to 30-decibel range, which is about as loud as a whisper.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have multiple rooms in your home or a large space that you need to keep regulated, you can rest assured that a ductless-mini split unit can meet your needs. These reliable HVAC systems are replacing the conventional systems in many homes. They are small and versatile, a feature that has made them gain popularity among modern homeowners.

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