What Does ‘Energy Star’ Really Mean?

The Energy Star, an Environmental Protection Agency program, promotes energy efficiency. For a product to bear the Energy Star symbol, it must be among the best 25 percent of all makes and models on the market in terms of energy efficiency.

Consumers, therefore, can be assured that products that bear the label have been tested, and they meet strict government product specifications.

When replacing your cooling system, you can’t do better than choosing one that has the Energy Star symbol. Here are four benefits of choosing an Energy Star-rated cooling system.

1. Lower Utility Bills

Cooling systems made in the last decade have higher levels of energy efficiency. This is made possible through the higher seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER) and the availability of features such as variable speed air handlers and scroll compressors. These air conditioners may bear higher initial costs than the less efficient types, but they use limited energy, lowering energy bills by approximately 20 percent annually.

2. Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Energy Star cooling systems exceed the minimum energy efficiency standards that the federal government mandates by far. These appliances are tested in an EPA-recognized lab and later certified by a third party. They use less energy than similar non-Energy Star models, generating fewer greenhouse gases during its operation. This helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint.

Since air conditioners consume significant amounts of electricity, homeowners who are mindful of efficiency would value the chance to cut down on their energy consumption by choosing Energy Star cooling systems.

3. Enhanced Performance

Energy Star-rated cooling systems ensure comfort, with consistent temperatures between and across rooms. They enhance indoor air quality by lowering dust, pollen and humidity levels. This, with comprehensive water protection, ensures the durability of the cooling systems.

4. Environmental Protection

Unlike other appliances that consume lots of electricity and produce lots of emissions to the environment, Energy Star-rated air conditioners use less energy to operate. By using less energy, the Energy Star-rated cooling systems prevent air pollution. This is an added benefit for today’s environmentally friendly consumer.

For homeowners who want to switch to the “green” energy and cut on their expenditure, Energy Star-rated cooling systems are the best option to consider. They provide the best energy saving tips and dependable performance. Contact a reliable HVAC contractor today to install one for you.

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