What Causes a Heating System to Continuously Run Without Turning Off?

We occasionally get service calls when someone’s heating system fails to turn off. Sometimes, the problem was an easy fix that didn’t really need expert help. And other times, our help is truly needed. In most instances, the problem is fixable by the homeowner. Here are a few reasons why your heating system may keep running.

The Thermostat Is Set Too High

Although it seems obvious, not everyone remembers to check the thermostat’s programmed temperature before calling Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio to see why their heating system isn’t turning off. This is the first thing you should do when the heat isn’t turning off. Compare the programmed temperature to the current temperature.

If it’s set too high, as in 90 degrees, then that may be the only problem. Lower the programmed temperature and wait a bit to see if that solves your problem. Also, ask members of your household if they often change the thermostat since this can make it appear as if the heat is continuously running without shutting off.

If the current temperature is lower than the programmed temperature and the programmed temperature isn’t too high, then the heating system may be struggling to reach the desired temperature.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

When the heating system’s air filter is dirty, it can no longer heat the house effectively. This can result in the heater constantly running without reaching the programmed temperature on your thermostat. Try cleaning the air filter to see if that solves your problem before calling a technician.

If that doesn’t work and you’re still at a loss of what could be wrong, contact us and we can help. We offer comprehensive heating services in the San Antonio area, including maintenance, repair ,and installation.

Loose Wires or Incorrect Wiring

Another possible reason why the heating system is running without shutting off is when the thermostat’s wiring is either loose or wired incorrectly. You can take the thermostat off the wall and check to see if the wires are secure and correct.

Before changing any wiring, take a picture of the current wiring to make sure you can return it to how it was in case you accidentally make the situation worse. Also, consult the manufacturer’s manual to know what the correct wiring should look like.

Usually, it’s a simple, easy fix you can do yourself when the heating system won’t turn off. Always check the thermostat’s settings first to ensure it’s not set too high. If you have tried all of our suggestions above and they haven’t worked, then you’ll need a heating expert to troubleshoot the problem.

Call the professionals at Rosenberg Indoor Comfort if you are unable to get your heating system to shut off.

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