What are the Benefits of Air Cleaners in my Home?

You might not be aware of this, but the air inside your home is typically several times more polluted than it is outside. That might be difficult to believe if you live in an area with a lot of pollution, but it is true. This speaks to the importance of doing whatever you can to keep your home as clean as possible.

However, even the cleanest of homes will still tend to have an unacceptable level of pollutants and allergens in the air. You might wonder what the alternative is. When you have an air cleaner working inside your home, you will almost immediately begin to realize many benefits.

1. Your Lungs Will Become Healthier

You only get one set of lungs, so you want to protect them however you can. With an air cleaner in your home, your lungs will become healthier over time. This is because constant exposure to dust and pollen can cause long-term negative effects on your breathing. The more you can do to clean up the air inside your home, the better.

2. They Keep Germs at Bay

If there is more than one person living in your home, then you can bet that there are foreign germs invading your airspace. If you have ever been worried about getting sick because someone else in the family is feeling ill, you have good reason to be. Their germs go airborne, and you can breathe them in. An air cleaner can remove up to 99.7% of such germs.

3. They Help Take Care of Allergens That Come Every Season

Many people develop certain allergies with the changing of each season. That is because of various pollens and pollutants that are released into the air at certain times of the year. This can make breathing quite difficult, particularly indoors where the pollen and pollutants get stuck. An air cleaner can help take care of that problem for you.

4. Most Airborne Bacteria Is Removed

While some bacteria might be good for you, those that are airborne are not. Certain mold spores, bacteria, and pollen can be quite harmful if you breathe them in on a regular basis. Putting them into contact with the filters that are present in an air purifier will take care of roughly 99% of them. This can make you much healthier over time.

5. Dust Will Become Trapped

If you look around your house, you will always find some dust. It does not matter how much you clean your home, the dust will prevail. You do not want to be breathing this all the time. Air cleaners will trap the dust before it has a chance to settle on your furniture and floors. This will also give you less to clean as a result.

6. Smoke Will Become Neutralized

If smoke ever gets into your house, you know the smell will be difficult to get rid of. This can be in the form of cigarette smoke, remnants of a fire nearby, or burned food in the kitchen. You will want to get rid of this smell before it gets trapped in your furniture and drapes. An air cleaner will do exactly that for you. Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio can demonstrate how this works for you.

7. Pet Allergens Are Effectively Trapped

Even if nobody in your family happens to be allergic to pets, that does not mean that your four-legged friends do not possess allergens. These lovable creatures are constantly releasing harmful allergens into the air. A cleaner will trap many of those allergens before they ever invade your home.

8. Unpleasant Odors Will Be No More

Over time, your home can develop quite a few unpleasant odors. This can come from your teenagers, certain meals that you cook, dirty socks, and so much more. You will want to get rid of these smells and allow your home to smell fresh and clean. An air cleaner can do that for you as it will filter out those smells.

Rosenberg Plumbing & Air will be happy to discuss your indoor air quality with you and ways to improve the air in your own household. We serve the San Antonio area and offer air conditioning and heating repairs, maintenance, and installations as well. Call Rosenberg Plumbing & Air today to get on the path to much cleaner air throughout the inside of your home.

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