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    Universal City, TX Heating Specialists

    On cool Universal City, TX evenings, you want the temperature of your home or workplace to remain at a comfortable level. At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort, we are experienced in working with a wide range of individual and commercial heating solutions. From heater maintenance to furnace repairs, our staff has seen just about every possible heating issue. We have the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done right, and can help you whenever you need us most.

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    How Can You Determine if Your Furnace Needs Repairs?

    The last thing any homeowner should do is wait for there to be an emergency before calling for help. By understanding and knowing the signs of a damaged furnace, you can get reliable and efficient Universal City, TX furnace repairs before it is too late. Some of the most common signs include:

    • Your energy bills have increased – It’s normal for bills to increase slightly from year to year due to rising costs, but a significant increase might signal that your furnace needs repairs. If your furnace is not working efficiently, you will notice higher bills, especially during the coldest months of the year.
    • The temperature in your home is uneven – Is one room of your house freezing while you are sweating in another room? Are you constantly adjusting your thermostat? If there is a major temperature difference from one area of your home to another, your furnace might not be distributing warm air properly.
    • The air in your home feels dusty and dry – A furnace does not just provide warm air. It also keeps the moisture levels in the air of your home at a comfortable level. If your furnace needs repairs, you might notice that the air in your home feels dry. You also might notice that there is more dust than usual on your home’s surfaces.
    • Your furnace is making strange noises – If your furnace is working properly, you should not hear a lot of banging, squeaking, hissing or other noises coming from it. Many furnaces get louder as they are nearing the end of their lifespan.

    At the first sign of these issues, it is imperative that you seek professional assistance. At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort we provide customers in Universal City, TX with the very best furnace repair solutions. We will inspect the unit, find the source of the problem, and provide you with an efficient repair solution in no time!

    Is Your Heat Pump in Need of Professional Services?

    A heat pump provides an energy efficient and budget-friendly way to keep your home warm. However, a heat pump cannot do its work properly if it is in need of repairs. These five warning signs can signal that your heat pump is in need of service:

    • Your heat pump only works in one mode: heating or cooling
    • You are hearing unusual noises from the pump cabinet, such as regular clicking, grinding or rattling
    • Ice is present among the coils
    • Your electric bills are higher than normal for this time of year
    • You notice fluid leaks in or around your heat pump

    If you notice any of these issues, or if you feel that your heat pump is not working properly, feel free to contact our experts today. We will carefully inspect your heat pump and provide detailed repair recommendations and estimates. When you work with our staff, you will not have to worry about faulty heat pumps again.

    Do You Need Commercial Heating Solutions?

    At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort, we happily work with both private and commercial clients. With over a decade of experience in the Universal City area, we guarantee that we will have a solution for even your most challenging issues. We understand that you cannot conduct your business properly when your heating system is not working well as you want your employees and customers to be comfortable.

    So give us a call to learn more about our well-respected commercial services. We offer everything from comprehensive preventative maintenance agreements to full replacements for large office building. Since we have so many options available, you can find a heating solution that meets your needs without straining your budget.

    Our Universal City, TX Heating Services Include:

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