Understanding SEER Ratings


San Antonio AirWhen buying a new HVAC unit, it is important for customers to fully understand what the SEER rating on the unit means. The SEER rating has a lot to do with how much energy is used in a home and that is a very important aspect of buying an HVAC unit.

What Does The SEER Rating On Your AC Unit Mean?

The SEER rating on an HVAC unit can be interpreted as the ratio between cold air output during the warm months of the year and the amount of electricity used to produce the cold air. When looking for a new HVAC unit, homeowners want to look for the highest SEER rating possible because this represents the most energy efficient unit.

How Does This Rating Effect Your Energy Consumption?

The SEER rating on an HVAC unit directly effects energy consumption within the home. The higher the SEER rating on an HVAC unit, the less energy that is used. In air conditioning terms, it is how many BTU’s are used per hour or per watt. A law passed in the year 2006 required all HVAC units for residential properties to have a minimum SEER rating of 13. Older AC units typically ranged between 9 and 12 for SEER ratings, so the more recent a residential AC unit is, the more energy efficient it will be. San Antonio SEER Rating

Why Is It Important To Understand SEER Ratings When Considering A New HVAC Unit?

SEER ratings allow homeowners to understand exactly how much energy consumption will be used by an AC unit before the unit is bought. When considering a new unit, homeowners wish to find a unit that will efficiently cool their home while also keeping their monthly energy bill low. In most all newer AC units, units that have been produced within the past couple years, the SEER rating is printed directly on the box with easy visibility. Older AC units did not have the SEER rating as easily accessible for customers to view, but there was no legal minimal SEER rating either. The legal minimal SEER rating now is 13, however many units are much more efficient.

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