Understanding Your Home’s Heating System


What is Auxiliary Heat

Understanding Your Home's Heating SystemAuxiliary heat is a heating system that works when the temperature inside a home or building drops lower than two or three degrees from what the temperature is set. Or when someone decides they are cold, and turns the thermostat up more than three degrees.

Auxiliary heat is a component of heat pump systems. Heat pumps have two units, one of which is outside a home, and the other, which is the auxiliary heating system, is inside. On cold mornings, especially when the temperature gets below 32 degrees, the outdoor heat pump is very cold and would take a long time to heat up the air inside the house. The auxiliary system will kick in on these mornings to heat the home more quickly from the warmer inside unit.

What is the Purpose of Auxiliary Heat

The purpose of auxiliary heat is to warm up the home as quickly as possible and bring it to the desired temperature set on the thermostat. Waiting for the heat to come in from the cold heat pump on the outside of the home would take a very long time. One of the advantages of living in modern society is to have a warm and toasty home and auxiliary heat helps that happen faster than just an outside heat pump.

Why is Auxiliary Heat Important?

Auxiliary heat is important because it kicks the heating system into high gear and gives the heating system a quick boost to get the home to the desired warmer temperature. For instance, many people turn down the thermostat during the night when the family is asleep.

Often the temperature is set somewhere between 60 and 68 degrees. This saves money as well as providing a better night’s sleep for the home’s inhabitants, so it makes sense to do. But in the morning, the thermostat will be set higher again to warm the home up for daytime living. This is when one would most likely find the auxiliary heating system kick in, so homeowners can quickly have a comfortable home in which to wake up and prepare for the day ahead.

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