Understanding Balanced Ventilation

Rosenberg Plumbing & Air is proud to serve San Antonio and the neighboring communities. Evaluating and optimizing home ventilation is an important part of what we do. After all, the EPA warns that poor indoor air quality is among the most serious health risks Americans face. Balanced ventilation is an approach to ensure that the air inside a house is never more polluted than the air outside it.

Airflow Within a Home

You have two primary types of ventilation within a home: natural and mechanical. When you open a window to let in fresh air, that is an example of natural ventilation. Modern houses are well-sealed, so they tend to get little natural ventilation when the heating or cooling systems are running. Mechanical ventilation is achieved through intakes, ductwork, and exhausts.

Traditional Ventilation

The traditional ventilation used in homes is supply ventilation. Air enters the house through a passive duct, which means the intake occurs as it is needed. In a central system, conditioned air is moved through the home using ductwork. A passive duct replenishes the air as the pressure drops.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced ventilation is a newer approach, and the traditional ventilation discussed above is sometimes called unbalanced ventilation. In a balanced setup, the home has an intake and an outtake that is balanced to ensure the air is replenished as soon as it is exhausted.

Balanced Versus Unbalanced Ventilation

Supply-only and exhaust-only approaches are the most efficient way to achieve ventilation within a home. The downside is that pollutants can accumulate indoors and lower air quality. Balanced is less efficient but ensures that pollution levels are the same as outdoors. Note, however, that there are evolving technologies, such as HRVs and ERVs, that are helping to offset these inefficiencies.

Indoor Comfort You Can Count On

Depend on Rosenberg Plumbing & Air throughout the San Antonio area for all of your ventilation and indoor air quality needs. We also provide a full range of heating and cooling services as well as specialize in dehumidifiers and ultraviolet air sanitizers. Call us today to learn more about your options.

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