Tips for Fixing Uneven Cooling in Your Home

Uneven cooling can be uncomfortable. Air conditioning is meant to keep your entire home cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside. Over time, factors like age, dirty filters, and ductwork issues can cause your cooling system to operate less than optimally. If you’re too hot in one room and too cold in another, then it’s time to act. Here are a few ways to fix uneven cooling in your home.

Check Your Air Vents

Look around your home to determine if there are any dirty or blocked vents. The vents and registers can cause uneven cooling when furniture or other items are blocking them. Excessive debris and dust can also cause your air conditioning to be distributed unevenly. To resolve this issue, vacuum your registers and vents with an attachment.

Schedule an AC Maintenance Visit

When air leaks are present in your home’s duct system, the air that’s being sent to one part of the system hemorrhages into other areas before it reaches its destination. Duct holes, leaks, and tears make your air conditioner work harder to compensate. This can result in more problems and may even decrease the appliance’s lifespan. If your home is experiencing intense temperature variations, then schedule AC maintenance. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio, TX, we provide AC and furnace maintenance in addition to installation and repairs.

Install a Zoning System

Zoning systems can be an investment, but installing one can be the most efficient way to manage uneven cooling. This type of system lets you control the temperatures in each area of your home including each room and floor instead of having one controller for the whole house. The number of zones that you should get depends on your home’s current cooling and heating needs as well as the layout of your home.

A Dependable AC Company

At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air, we service both heating and cooling units. We provide installation and complete repairs. Our crew also handles maintenance. When your AC system cools your home evenly, it’s likely operating as effectively as possible. But if it isn’t, call us at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air, to schedule an appointment today.

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