Essential Space Heater Safety Tips

February 15, 2022

When your furnace or radiator isn’t producing enough heat, you may rely on a space heater to keep you warm. Space heaters are convenient, inexpensive and can thoroughly heat smaller areas like bedrooms or the living room. Many families bring out their space heaters once winter begins, relying on these small, efficient devices to keep utility bills down. Following proper safety protocols when using a space heater is essential to the safety of your family and home. Shop Responsibly Space heaters provide a cheaper alternative to entirely relying on your home’s heating system. However, you should still shop responsibly to ensure the heater won’t break prematurely or short-circuit. Avoid buying the least expensive option available, instead opting for a reliable brand that has a thermostat and protection against overheating. You may also be interested in an auto-off feature in case you’re liable to fall asleep when it’s on. Know how to maintain and properly use the space heater before purchase to avoid creating a potential fire hazard. Set Up Correctly Space heaters should sit on level surfaces at least three feet away from any flammable materials. Elevate your heater if you have small children or pets in the home. Follow...

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