How Candles Affect Indoor Air Quality

May 12, 2021

The quality of your indoor air determines how comfortable your home is. has helped enhance home comfort in San Antonio and the surrounding areas by providing top-quality indoor air quality services. The majority of homeowners concentrate on their houses’ heating and cooling aspects but overlook the indoor air quality. There are numerous indoor air pollutants, and a candle is one. So, how do candles affect indoor air quality? A Closer Look at Candles Many homeowners are cautious when it comes to people smoking cigarettes inside their indoor spaces. Nonetheless, these homeowners burn candles, which are a primary air pollutant to the indoor air. Candles are burnt for either intimacy or stress relief reasons. However, these candles emit harmful chemicals that negatively affect your home’s air quality. When burning, candles tend to emit harmful pollutants like toluene, styrene, acetone, benzene, and particulate matter into your indoor spaces. The majority of the candles available in the marketplace are made of paraffin waxes and are harmful to your health. When burning, paraffin wax candles emit chemicals identical to the ones released by burning diesel. Scented candles are also harmful to your indoor air because they are also made of paraffin wax and chemical...

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