How To Improve AC Efficiency

July 27, 2021

Making the best use of your air conditioner will help you lower your utility bill, limit wear and tear on your unit, and gain more efficiency. Here are a few tips to help you make the best use of your AC unit. 1. Use Fans to Help Cool Yourself Fans, especially ceiling fans, can help keep you stay cooler when you’re in any particular space of your home. A fan doesn’t help to lower the temperature, but it does help make you feel cooler. With a fan, you can raise your thermostat and let the AC unit maintain a more energy-efficient temperature. The fan will put in the work of keeping you feeling comfortable. Note that if you’re not using a fan, you can turn it off. The fan only helps your air conditioner when you’re actively using it to stay cool. 2. Keep the Sun From Interfering With Cooling The sun will shine into your windows and raise the temperature in those rooms. Your AC unit will continuously work harder as it tries to keep the temperature of those areas in line with your thermostat and the overall temperature of the house. You can mitigate this extra work by...

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