Is a New Furnace The Right Choice?

new_furnace_360Many people think that a new furnace would be nice, but they feel they really cannot afford it. The fact is, however, that a new furnace is not just a luxury. It could actually save you hundreds of dollars on heating costs, eventually paying for itself. A furnace is not made to last forever, so if you have an old furnace in your home, read on.

There are many warning signs that an old furnace is just not preforming like it used to. Some typical problems are:

  • A house that once was warm is now cold.
  • You find yourself turning up the thermostat to get the same level of comfort that the home used to have at a different temperature.
  • You find that your utility bills skyrocket during the winters each year


What are the benefits of a new furnace?There are many warning signs of a bad furnace, but the biggest is when repair costs mount. If the unit is broken down more than it is working, then it is a problem. A new unit is that an individual can write them off of their taxes. They also can help to lower heating bills to a more manageable level.

When choosing a furnace that is energy efficient, it can almost pay for itself in savings over the years. The newer unit may produce less risk to the home, especially when natural gas is being used. The number one reason, of course, is to make sure that your home and your family is safe and warm. If a unit has given more than 15 years of service, it may be time to replace it.How do you choose the right furnace?heating_720

Choosing the right furnace isn’t difficult. There are many name brands on the market, most of which are great. The load must be configured based on the square footage of the home. Sometimes a home that is not being heated properly has a unit that is undersized for the space.

Before investing in a new unit, have a certified technician look over the space and ensure that it is adequate with the current size. There are also cheaper options for energy costs. For instance, electric heat is very expensive with rising electric costs. Natural gas systems produce a warmer heat and can help to reduce energy costs.If the unit is on its last leg, start doing some research to find a new unit at a great price before it has a mechanical failure.

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