Keeping Your Home Toasty on a Budget

One: Caulk Crevices and Holes in a San Antonio Home

Our heating and cooling company can provide recommendations to customers about reducing the cost of utility bills in the winter. The San Antonio area has mild to hot temperatures most of the year, and the residents are not accustomed to coping with cold weather or caring for a furnace. However, it is important to fill holes and crevices around doors, windows and utility lines to keep a furnace’s climate-controlled air inside and the cool air outside a home.

San Antonio, TX Furnace Repair ServicesTwo: Change a Furnace’s Filter Once a Month

One of the most important things that homeowners can do to prevent large heating bills is to change a furnace’s filter each month. Filters collect an assortment of debris, including pet hair and household dust that blocks efficient airflow into a furnace. By changing the filter once each month, our customers will have a warmer San Antonio home that also has cleaner air.

Three: Add Insulation to a San Antonio Home

We suggest adding insulation to a San Antonio home to avoid heat loss from attics and walls. It is easy to install roll batting insulation to attics in a home or to hire a team of technicians to inject blown-in insulation to wall spaces. There are also small insulating devices available to cover the holes around electrical outlets and light switches to prevent the escape of climate-controlled air.

Four: Clean a Home’s Air Ducts

To help a furnace’s heated air circulate through a home’s ductwork, vacuum dust from ventilation systems. Clean all of the vents located on walls where air enters a ventilation system and the outlets on the floors where heated air escapes. Homeowners may need to use a screwdriver to remove screws to reach the inside of these devices to wash away layers of debris, including spiderwebs. It is also possible to hire professionals with specialized equipment to suction away dirt that is deep inside the air ducts.

Five: Have a Home’s Roof Repaired to Prevent Heat Loss

If a San Antonio home’s roof is 20 years old or older, then it probably has significant damage to the shingles and underlying materials. A professional roofer can inspect a home’s roof and recommend repairs or plan a complete replacement of the device with new energy efficient materials that prevent loss of climate-controlled air.

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