Is It Wise to Leave Your Window Open With the Heat On?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably received contradictory information about opening your windows with the heat on. Contrary to popular belief, leaving your windows open when your heat is operating is not entirely harmful or helpful for your HVAC unit or the quality of the air you breathe. Learn more about the potential benefits and disadvantages of leaving your window open with the heat on from the indoor air quality specialists at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio, TX.

The Benefits of Opening Windows in the Winter

You may feel that keeping heat trapped in your home during the winter is beneficial. Although an exhaust fan is preferred over opening your windows, the occasional swapping of stale air for crisp, fresh air is perfectly fine if handled correctly. Here are a few reasons you should open your window during cooler seasons.

Prevent Condensation

Leaky windows, walls, roofs, and ceilings can cause moisture retention that can potentially contribute to toxins and mold growth. Unfortunately, mold can make you feel sick, nauseous, and dizzy. In some instances, mold can cause severe breathing problems and serious illness. Opening your windows or purchasing a dehumidifier can help to dry out condensation throughout your home due to rainy or snowy weather. If you sense mold buildup in your home or HVAC system, reach out to Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio, TX for an indoor air quality consultation and inspection.

Improve Air Quality

You probably know that air quality is vital to your health. But did you know that just 15 minutes of fresh airflow can improve the air quality in your home? To enhance the quality of the air you breathe in your house, open some windows, turn on a fan, and let the cool freshness clear the air. Consider an exhaust fan or changing your furnace filter to make the most of the time. UV air sanitization services from Rosenberg Plumbing & Air can also help.

The Disadvantages of Opening Windows With the Heat On

Although there is no significant harm to leaving the windows open with your heat operating, it can be costly. It may also pose a security risk if not managed properly. Discover why running your heating system is not ideal if you keep your windows open simultaneously.

Potential Security Risks

As you know, some criminals are wise enough to notice if you leave windows open, particularly if they are watching for easy targets. If you decide to open your windows, be sure to shut and lock them to secure the parameters of your home or apartment.

Inefficient Energy Use

In today’s world, energy efficiency and cost savings are essential for most businesses and families. That’s why, if you choose to open your windows with your furnace running, you should be aware of the energy and money you are likely wasting. Leaving windows open for too long is not only detrimental to the environment but can also significantly injure your wallet. Of course, you can boost the efficiency of your HVAC system with regular HVAC maintenance from the heating and air pros at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio.


Regardless of the temperatures outside, opening windows can invite many allergens inside. Decrease indoor allergens by obtaining air duct repair or UV air sanitization from the knowledgeable indoor air quality team at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air. If you opt to open your windows while running your furnace, wash all surfaces, including your floors, countertops, and furniture, to prevent common allergens from sticking around.

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