Is it Time to Change Your Heater?


The worst time to find out that your heating system is no longer working is when you need it the most. The best way to avoid being stuck without a functioning heating system is to be properly prepared and know the warning signs of needing a new heating unit.

How Do I Know If My Heater Needs To Be Replaced?

There are several signs to look for when deciding if a home’s heater needs to be replaced. If the heating unit is over 10 years of age and requiring more frequent repairs to continue working, the unit should be replaced.

Another sign that your home’s heating unit may need to be replaced is if your home does not stay a constant temperature. Differing temperatures can be from room to room throughout the home, or the temperature of a particular room rising and falling. A heating unit that is functioning properly will heat evenly throughout the home.

Soaring energy costs is another sign that your heating unit needs to be replaced. As a unit has to work harder to produce the proper amount of heat, it will use more energy causing bills to rise.

What Are The Benefits Of A New Heating System?

One of the first benefits a homeowner will experience with a new heating system is constant comfort throughout the entire home. New heating units make it easier to keep drastic temperature changes from occurring between rooms of the home.

Another great benefit of new heating systems is lower energy costs. New heating units focus on producing a great amount of heat without using a great amount of energy to help save homeowner’s on their monthly heating costs.

Older heating units tend to make loud noises while operating. Another benefit of a new heating system is the unit will operate in a more peaceful manner.

How Long Does Replacement Of A New Heating System Take?
On average, the replacement and installation of a new heating system takes approximately 2-3 days. During the replacement phase, the home’s old unit will be taken out and the professional will inspect items such as the ductwork, insulation, coils, drain pans, thermostat and wiring and replace if needed. When replacing an old unit, it is sometimes possible to salvage some of these items.

Once the old unit has been removed and all respective parts have been inspected and replaced if needed, the new unit will be installed.

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