Insulating Your Home for Maximum Energy Savings

Home insulation is critical to energy efficiency and comfort. Every San Antonio, TX homeowner should be able to spot the signs that their insulation requires professional attention or repair, and these three tips will help.

San Antonio, TX insulation services1. Be wary of temperature changes and spiking energy bills.

If the temperature inside a home isn’t stable, especially when heating or air conditioning is on, it may be a sign that insulation is failing. Whether it’s shifted out of place or no longer effective at stabilizing temperatures, poor insulation can make it impossible for heating and air conditioning systems to do their jobs. This may also be reflected by an unusual spike in energy bills, particularly in the summer or winter, when heating and cooling demands are at their highest

2. Call someone if there are signs of animals in the attic.

There are many reasons animals, such as mice, rats, squirrels and even opossums, make their way into a home. It’s often warm and sheltered, and if they can find a way in through an opening in a roof or wall, they will.

Getting rid of them isn’t the end of the story, however. Even if they’ve only been in residence in the attic for a short time, animal infestations can wreak havoc on insulation. Dirt, feces and grime are often left behind in their wake, and occasionally they even use insulation as a nest. Leaving this mess untreated can cause health problems, and treating it often requires insulation replacement.

3. Wet insulation needs to be replaced immediately.

When insulation becomes wet, whether it’s damp or soaking, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Common causes of wet insulation include leaky roofs and broken pipes, and the cause should be addressed before introducing new insulation. In addition to resulting in ineffective insulation, exposure to water can also lead to mold growth. Most kinds of mold pose serious health risks to people, and treating a home for mold is an expensive and time-consuming process. Replacing wet insulation quickly can reduce the chances that further problems arise.

Any suspected issues with insulation should be addressed by a specialist, who can identify the nature and cause of the problem and suggest an effective repair or replacement plan.

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