Why You Should Install a Whole House Humidifier


Purchasing a whole house humidifier may seem extreme, but there are many benefits to using a humidifier throughout the entire dwelling.

A humidifier adds moisture and sends it out into the air of your home. It is one of the most important tools to bring comfort into your home. Many people don’t understand the benefits of installing this type of system.

1. Respiratory relief

A dry heating system can dry out your sinuses and even your throat. Adding humidity into the air of your home is helpful to not only those with sinus and allergy problems, but to everyone living in the home

2. Cleanliness

Using a whole house humidification system over a portable one is much cleaner. A portable system has standing water that requires daily cleaning and changing. A whole house system doesn’t require daily maintenance.

3. Static Electricity

Not only is it an annoyance but static is dangerous for your electronic appliances. Humidification of your home allows reduction of static that means a longer life for all your electronic items.

4. Dry Skin

Lack of humidity in the air causes things to dry out. Once a person installs a whole house humidifier they usually notice that their skin isn’t near as dry during the winter months. It adds that needed moisture back into your skin naturally.

5. Cracking Wood

Drying out from lack of humidity, not only affects you but your home as well. Wood and plaster will begin to crack from lack of humidity. Installation of a humidifier can help to preserve the longevity of your home.

6. Regulation

A portable humidification system will add some moisture to the air. A whole house humidifier will do more to keep humidity on an even keel. Humidity regulation creates a more comfortable regulation of your home environment.

7. Health

Even doctors realize the benefits of humidity. Whole house humidification can help reduce the number of respiratory infections people get and also helps to reduce recovery time from a cold.

8. Energy Savings

Many people turn up the heat in the winter when they are cold. A whole house humidification system will make your body feel warmer at lower heat settings. Keeping your home temperature regulated can result to nearly a 5% savings on your home heating bill.

9. Comfort

Comfort is perhaps the most important thing to you and your family. A whole house humidifier is all about comfort. Adding a unit like this will improve the comfort of your home and increase the health of not only your family but your house as well.

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