Why You Should Inspect the HVAC System Separately Before Buying a New Home

It’s important that you inspect a potential new home before you buy it. Doing this eliminates the probability that you will not be hit with any surprises down the road. In addition to a general inspection of the property, it may be worth scheduling an appointment to inspect the HVAC system more thoroughly.

Learn About the HVAC Components Themselves

During an HVAC inspection, you can learn more about the age of the furnace or air conditioner, if it has a warranty, and how often you should service it. You can also discover possible signs of damage or any indication that a duct may need to be cleaned in the near future. A professional from Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio can perform inspections and maintenance checks of heating and cooling components as well as inspect a home’s ducts.

The Seller May Remedy Problems Before the Sale Closes

The current owner may be willing to remedy any issues that you discover with the home’s HVAC components. For instance, if the water heater is leaking, one could ask that it be replaced before the sale closes. If the furnace needs a new air filter or a new part, the seller might be willing to take care of that as well.

A Home’s Temperature Needs to Remain at a Consistent Level

If the heater were to stop working, the temperature inside of the house could drop quickly. If an air conditioner were to stop working, it could result in dangerous levels of heat or humidity, and that may put the lives of elderly residents at risk. It can also make life uncomfortable for children or pets who live in the home. Furthermore, repairing an HVAC system could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and you may not have money for repairs after making a down payment on a house.

To protect the investment you’re about to make in your home, call Rosenberg Plumbing & Air in San Antonio today. We can install heat pumps and offer air quality control assistance in addition to offering traditional heating and cooling services.

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