The Importance of AC Maintenance

9 out of 10 cooling system failures are caused by dirt and dust. A light layer of dust on cooling coils can reduce your energy efficiency by 20%. This can be easily prevented with regular AC maintenance.

Protect Your Investment
The installation of your air conditioning and heating system is an investment, therefore you should do everything possible to minimize equipment breakdown. Planned maintenance not only assists in preventing unit breakdown to business-critical environments but also helps to improve energy efficiency. You will be rewarded with lower running costs, potentially a much longer lifespan for your unit, plus fewer carbon emissions.

Two Maintenance Visits Annually
AC unit, heat pump, and furnace equipment is not inexpensive and we always recommend that, following installation, that you enter into a maintenance agreement with your installer. This normally involves two annual visits to your cooling and heating equipment by trained, certified technicians. A cooling system routinely maintained, provides a much higher performance and is much more energy efficient.

During each technician visit, all functions of the systems are inspected, filters cleaned, operating pressures and controls checked and calibrated. Leak checks are carried out at least once per year and records are kept to show that this has been carried out by certified technicians. The aim is to maintain the equipment in efficient and reliable working order and reduce the risk of failure.

Maintenance Agreements
Service Maintenance Contracts or Energy Savings Agreements are available from Rosenberg Plumbing & Air. Other advantages include 24/7 priority service, labor warranties, replacement part discounts, no overtime charges and automatic maintenance reminders. These agreements offer peace of mind, equipment longevity and prevent future emergencies, ensuring that any small issues in your AC unit are dealt with before they turn into potentially costly breakdowns.

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