If It’s an Emergency, Call the Plumbers Today!

Whether one is considering home or commercial establishments, it is important to have an HVAC emergency plan in place when a major breakdown occurs in heating, ventilation, or air-conditioning.

Emergency HVAC Services

Services in times of emergency will work best if there is a preparedness plan in place. In cases of power outages, home or commercial generators can be installed to serve as backup during those occasions.

Detailed planning for storage of such system, sizing so as to match the utility load required, and placement need to be ascertained.

If the HVAC system is reaching the end of its useful life, choice between non-emergent service or emergent service is solely up to the customer in many instances.

Furthermore, establishing a customer relationship with an HVAC contractor in non-emergent times may reap customer benefit in small savings during emergent times.

Prevention Maintenance a Must

Several steps can be taken both commercially and residentially to ensure proper working order of HVAC systems. Neglecting maintenance in a heating system can result in up to 25 percent loss in efficiency. Heat pumps benefit from annual maintenance done annually by professionals. Checking and replacing belts or filters if necessary, lubricating moving parts will help ensure optimal efficiency.

Forced Air Heating Systems

Changing the furnace filter every season, and oiling the circulating fan annually is also beneficial. An HVAC contractor can bi-annually check ducts, flue, heat exchanger. Of note,, oil-fired boilers are said to benefit from annual professional maintenance and cleaning.

Air Conditioning

San Antonio Emergency HeatingIt is recommended that attention be given to air conditioning systems before, and after the cooling season. Replacing filters, checking the refrigerant, and vacuuming out the unit are basic but important.

An HVAC contractor can service the motor and any other parts that have sustained substantial wear during the cooling season. Here too, occasional HVAC contractor service in non-emergent times may benefit in the unforeseen emergent time.

The emergency preparedness plan begins with considering how HVAC equipment failure may affect immediate and long-term routine operations. Does a central system serve the entire establishment?

Considering comfort load, i.e., building temperature; heating and cooling load, and loads from installed equipment such as computers also fits into the emergency preparedness plan.

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