Set Your Thermostat to ‘Save’!

Set your thermostat throughout the year at the right temperature can have far-reaching benefits. First, you enjoy a comfortable home with significant savings in your energy costs all year long.Set Your Thermostat to Save

Secondly, you are preserving natural resources and lessening your carbon footprint every single day. It only takes a change of a few degrees to make a difference, the key is knowing the ideal thermostat settings for every season.

Winter Setting for Your Thermostat

Turn that thermostat setting to the heat function, then place the temperature set at or around 67 or 68 degrees. During the day on especially cold days, you can put on a layer of clothing like a sweater or long sleeve t-shirt to keep warm.

It is far cheaper to put on another shirt than it is to run the furnace for hours to heat the entire home just a few more degrees. During the evening, have the setting drop a couple more degrees. You will already be comfortable under the sheets and comforter and not even notice the difference.

Spring Setting for Your Thermostat

When the warm breezes of spring approaches, do not turn off your thermostat just yet. Leave the settings in the heat position exactly as you would for winter. In the early days of spring, temperatures can still hover around freezing in many regions of the country. It is not unlikely to get a winter storm even at the end of spring.

Summer Setting for Your Thermostat

Once the heat is in full force, switch the thermostat to the cool setting, raise the thermostat setting to around 77 or 78 degrees. To help keep the house cool, be sure to close any curtains and blinds in the rooms that get powerful direct sunlight all day.

That sunlight can quickly heat up a room and cause the cooling system to run more often. Seal up drafts that may be present around doors and windows to reduce the treated air from slipping away.

Autumn Setting for Your Thermostat 

It is not too uncommon for heat waves to strike in autumn, so leave the setting on cool and the temperatures as they were for summer. These settings should stay in place until you get a steady amount of days that flirt with the freezing mark. Switch to heat setting and drop temperature to around 67 or 68 degrees.

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