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    Everyone deserves an efficient HVAC system that will keep their home at a comfortable temperature, but these complex devices can be subject to a variety of repair and maintenance issues. For locals that are ready to enjoy a comfortable home and lower energy bills throughout the year, our staff here at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air can help you with all repairs, maintenance, and custom installations. We offer the very best Shavano Park, TX cooling services, which can keep your home cool for years to come.

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    What Are Common Symptoms of an AC That Needs Repairs?

    Lennox AC Repair & InstallationEven with a well-maintained air conditioner, components of the system will begin to break down over time. One of the most common signs that issues are taking place is the AC system turning on but only blowing out warm or room temperature air. Residents may also notice that the AC system is repeatedly turning off and on throughout the day or only certain parts of the home are being cooled when it is on.

    Owners should also take a look at the AC system a few times each year to check for leaks, pools of water around the base, rust, and cracks. Through the use of regular AC maintenance services, you can greatly extend the life of your air conditioner. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air, we offer our customers in the area the very best AC repair services, which can remedy the very issues above.

    Why is Regular Maintenance Beneficial to Your Unit?

    While most homeowners will wait until there is an emergency in their homes, the last thing you should do is avoid regular AC maintenance.

    Regular maintenance has many benefits, which include:
    • More efficient cooling
    • Money savings
    • Consistent temperatures
    • Emergency prevention
    • Extended life

    To enjoy these benefits, and many more, give our expert staff a call. We provide our customers in the Shavano Park area with the very best AC maintenance services, which can help you save money almost instantly!

    How Can You Tell Your Furnace Needs Repairs?

    Furnace Repair in Shavano ParkMore often than not, your furnace will give your warning signs that it is in need of professional repairs. By paying attention and getting services before there is an emergency, you can save significantly on the heating costs in your home.

    Some of the most common issues include:
    • Strange Noises – The first sign of a furnace in need of repair is when it makes strange noises. Important to understand, no furnace will be completely silent; however, if you hear groans, banging, and whining noises, your furnace may have require expert repair services.
    • Health Concerns – A second sign of furnace repair concerns is when you or your family experiences respiratory issues. These might include allergies, asthma and other health problems. When a poorly functioning system works, it might be putting mold, dust and other irritants into the air.
    • Raised Electric Bills – Additionally, furnaces that function poorly will cost more to maintain. Skyrocketing electric or gas bills may be a sign of a rebellious furnace that has decided not to function properly.
    • Aging Furnace – On average, furnaces last between 10 to 20 years; however, most units live into the upper end of that range. When a furnace reaches beyond 15 years of age, it may be time to plan for a replacement.

    When these issues become prevalent in your home, it is important to get professional services. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air we provide our customers with the very best Shavano Park, TX furnace services including repairs, maintenance, and should the need arise, replacements.

    Do you Need a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

    Ductless Mini Split SystemsAre you looking for ways to customize the temperature in your home? Are some rooms too cold and some too hot? Does your air conditioner consumer too much energy? If these questions sound familiar to you, then it may be time to consider a ductless mini split AC systems.

    Instead of larger cooling units, which consume more energy, a ductless mini split AC system works to heat and cool specific areas in the home, as needed. This can be a great benefit for larger homes, and homes that are not energy efficient. Our staff is experienced in the installation of these systems, and can have one installed in your home in no time.

    Does Your Heat Pump Need Repair?

    Like your furnace and heater, your heat pump can fall susceptible to various repair issues.

    These common symptoms should signal you of the need for repairs.
    • Icy coils
    • Heat pump stuck in one mode
    • Noises coming from the unit
    • No heating or cooling from the unit
    • Too many repairs

    Before allowing these issues to become a major emergency in your home, look to our professionals for help. We offer expert Shavano Park, TX heating solutions, which include the repair and replacements of heat pumps. With our expert services you will quickly have a restoration in the heating of your home today!

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    Do You Need Commercial Heating Services?

    We at Rosenberg Plumbing & Air not only help residential customers, but also commercial customers. We are qualified to service commercial buildings such as retail malls, plazas, office buildings, schools, warehouses, and churches. In addition to installation, we have the ability to maintain these systems. These services save more money in the long term. For businesses, you want to keep everything running smoothly because downtime can prove costly. We can help you choose the most efficient heating system for your budget.

    Especially when you experience higher than normal utility bills, this could indicate a need for commercial heating services. Heating systems are hard work, and they require regular maintenance to maintain their efficiency year-round. Our experienced staff will give you peace of mind knowing that your heating system operates properly. Even if you need to install a new system, our experts have the solutions you need.

    Our Shavano Park, TX Heating Services Include:

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