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    Alamo Heights, TX AC Repair and Installation Services

    A well-running heating and air conditioning system is vital for comfort in the heat of the Alamo Heights, TX summer. It not only keeps people and pets comfortable but also helps to protect the home and belongings from the damaging effects of humidity and mold. When the air-conditioner is on the fritz, getting prompt services is critical. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air, we provide customers in the Alamo Heights, TX area with the very best cooling services including repairs, maintenance, and installation services.

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    • Best Brands & Services at Affordable Rates
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    Do You Need Heating Repair in Alamo Heights?

    Although your heating system can’t talk, it does provide you with signs that it is struggling to perform well. At first, you might not notice these symptoms, but eventually, it will become difficult to ignore them.

    Quite often, repairs are less costly when they are completed at the onset of problems, so schedule an appointment quickly if your heater is:
    • Cycling on and off with increasing frequency.
    • Producing odd noises and/or odors.
    • Offering unreliable heating performance.
    • Flickering pilot light.
    • Operating constantly without pausing.

    Heating Services in Alamo Heights, TexasIf you want the top-rated South Texas heating company, you want Rosenberg Plumbing & Air! Call today!

    Do You Know If Your Air Conditioner is in Need of Repairs?

    Before there is an emergency with your air conditioner, you unit will generally give you warning signs. By paying attention to these signs and getting prompt services, you will be able to cut down on the cost for repairs.

    Some of the most common signs to look for include:
    • Warm air – Warm air coming through the vents when the air conditioning is on and running is indicative of AC problems. If the flow is unobstructed, a lack of cooled air may be caused by a low level of freon, or it could mean that the unit’s compressor has failed.
    • Moisture – Moisture or pooling around the AC unit are signs of a leak. If the system is leaking refrigerant, the problem is serious and calls for immediate professional action, because refrigerant is a health hazard to the home’s occupants. A leaking or broken drain tube will also cause moisture and can culminate in mold growth.
    • Diminished or halted air flow – Poor or stopped airflow from the vents is often a sign that the AC system’s compressor is in trouble. If an airflow problem is only in certain areas of the building, congested ductwork may be the cause.
    • Bad odors – Foul smells that emanate from the vents can be caused by mold in the duct work or burned out insulation from within the AC unit.
    • Unusual noises – If the AC system starts getting louder or makes unusual noises, interior parts may have become loose or disconnected. In some cases odd noises are caused by a faulty motor.

    At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air, we provide customers with the highest quality Alamo Heights, TX AC repair services. We will be able to determine the source of the issue, and provide you with an effective solution before your home becomes uncomfortable.

    Our Heating Installation Services

    When you need an expert heating company to help replace your heating system, we’re ready to help. Our trained heating technicians have the tools and expertise to handle any sized job. Whether you need a new heater for your home or your business, our heating contractors are here to get the job done right.

    Rosenberg Plumbing & Air is proud to offer the following types of service:
    • Installation for all heating/cooling makes and models.
    • Maintenance service for heating/cooling units.
    • Heating Repair Services
    • Services for heating/cooling accessories, including programmable thermostats.
    • Residential and commercial services for interior comfort equipment.

    Why Should You Regularly Maintain Your Unit?

    Emergency AC repairs and replacements can be a very costly situation that you do not want to find yourself in. One way to avoid this situation is through regular AC maintenance.

    Some of the most important benefits of AC maintenance include the following:
    • Regular maintenance helps to prevent major problems from occurring
    • A properly working unit is an energy efficient unit, which can save you money
    • During regular maintenance, small repairs will be made to avoid larger issues
    • Your unit will provide you with high quality air conditioning

    To enjoy these benefits, schedule regular maintenance visits with our professionals. We have the skills and knowledge needed to keep your air conditioner working at optimal conditions at all times.

    Trusted Alamo Heights Heating Maintenance

    Whether you are looking for a simple heating maintenance check or you need something more urgent, our heating technicians are prepared to help. Our heating company completes every job correctly the first time, while maintaining the highest standards in customer care. Our goal is to deliver excellent work at an affordable price, so that our customers never have to worry. Toward that end, we always provide “straightforward service that is honest and reliable is our goal for all of our clientele whether or not the job is small or large!” We provide new installations, energy-efficient upgrades, seasonal maintenance, and timely repairs.

    Is a Ductless Mini Split AC System Right For You?

    Ductless Mini Split SystemsHave you recently renovated your home? Are you building an addition in your home? Are you looking for customized temperature control in your home? Then an Alamo Heights, TX ductless mini split AC system may be a great option for your home. These small units work to cool specific areas in your home, providing you with ultimate control over the cooling and heating in your home.

    Additionally, because they are so small, they can go in just about any area of the home. This is especially beneficial for homes with many rooms, or homes that do not have enough space for a larger air conditioning system. At Rosenberg Plumbing & Air, we can help you choose a unit that accommodates your needs and budget, and have it installed in your home in no time!

    Our Alamo Heights, TX Cooling Services Include:

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