How Long Should My Air Conditioner Last?

Lennox AC Repair & InstallationYour air conditioner is one of your most trusted and needed appliances, and it is also a fairly substantial investment. When your air conditioner was new, it was doubtless top of the line. Air conditioners are getting better every year, as technology improves. The good news here is that, even if you are due for a new air conditioner, this may be an opportunity for you to find a much better product than your last one.

Different Variables Play a Role in Air Conditioner Longevity

When you last air conditioner was installed, the technician probably had a talk with you about how to take care of it. One of the most important things you can do to keep your air conditioner running well and for a long time, I’d to schedule regular maintenance.

Routine Maintenance is Important

It is best to have a certain time of year when you have a technician come to your home or business to service your air conditioning unit. This regularly scheduled maintenance should be at least once a year for best results. At that time, the technician cleans and checks all the parts. Depending on what type of unit you have, you may need to replace the filters then or even monthly.

The kind of air conditioner you have may also help determine its longevity. Some units have different ways of operating that cause the parts to wear out faster.

How You Will Know You Need a New Air Conditioner

The average life of an air conditioning unit is about 12 to 16 years. During that time, there will probably be small parts that break, but the unit should hold up for several years. Many units have a warranty to protect them, especially during the first ten years or so.

Another sign you may need a new air conditioner is if your current unit is no longer efficient. If your utility bills are getting steadily higher, your air conditioner may be the culprit. You may need to replace your air conditioner if your home or business is no longer comfortable, or if your unit uses the outdated Freon as a coolant.

We Can Help You Decide

If your business or home is in San Antonio, Texas, we can give you a free consultation and quote. We do emergency repairs, maintenance, and installation, and even offer convenient financing. For help with all your heating and air conditioning needs, call Rosenberg Indoor Comfort today!

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