Does Your Heater Need a Tune-Up?



San Antonio Heating Signs Your Heating Unit Needs A Tune-Up

A heating system is crucial for anyone that lives in a region, where the weather can get extremely cold. During the winter months, it’s not unusual for the weather to get below zero in certain areas, causing the need for a heating unit. Even in areas where it’s sunny most of the year, you may still need a heating unit, for the cold weather.

A heating unit needs to be tuned up, in order to maintain it throughout the years. If you have a heating unit that you use all the time, then it will need a tune-up, more than heating units that are used rarely. Look for signs that your system needs a tune-up, such as pungent smells.

If you’re getting a smell from the unit, then a professional needs to take a look at it. Loud noises are also something you may hear in the unit, but it’s not normal. If you hear loud noises coming from your unit, then something is wrong with it, and it needs some maintenance. Although dust may normally be in a home, a lot of dust can mean that there is a problem with your heating unit.

Heating units that push out at an excessive amount of dust, will need a tune-up, in order to correct the problem. Another big giveaway, is if your unit will turn on at all. If the unit refuses to turn on, or it’s on, but no heat is coming out, then the unit needs a tune-up.

When To Get A Tune-Up

Some may not know when it’s time to get a tune-up for their unit, so you can call a professional to ask questions, look up information online, or look for signs. If you see signs that the unit needs a tune-up, or you can’t remember the last time you had one, then get a tune-up.

You never want to wait too long to get a tune-up, because this can end up leading to a broken unit, that will no longer work.

How To Maintain Your Tuned Up UnitSan Antonio Heater Maintenance

After you’ve tuned up your unit, the professional may tell you certain things you have to do, in order to keep it running properly. Take the advice that the professional gives you, and also, change filters as necessary, as well as ensuring that you’re maintaining the unit.

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