5 Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

Rosenberg Indoor Comfort is a family-owned HVAC company based out of San Antonio, TX. Since being established in 2003, we’ve maintained top-of-the-line indoor air service. We’re an established team and swear to uphold the highest professional standards in the industry.

Rosenberg Indoor Comfort is based on the belief of honest craftsmanship. Indoor air quality is important to your quality of life and well-being.

Today, we have five benefits of exceptional indoor air quality:

Better Breathing

Breathing is something we normally take for granted. As long as you can breathe oxygen, your body will regulate normally. Subpar air quality causes you to take more breaths in order to breathe comfortably. It may seem like a minor difference but over the years the extra effort can damage your respiratory system.

Better Sleep Quality

Your rate of breathing alters throughout your sleep cycle, slowing down in the beginning stages and spiking when you enter R.E.M. sleep. Breathing quality air is as valuable when you’re sleeping as it is in when you’re awake.

Fewer Allergens

Invisible allergens in the air cause irritated eyes, sneezing, coughing and other respiratory problems. You may not even realize they are permeating the air. Good quality airflow will disburse allergens, preventing the build-up of pet dander, dust and insect debris.

Reduced Odors

If you’re a home cook, chances are your house always has some odor to it. Unpleasant smells of old food and trash can stick around. Bad smells in your home can leave you grumpy and irritable, affecting your entire mood.

Reduced Energy Bills

Few people realize the costs of a system with inefficient airflow. Heat and cool air through an HVAC system cost you money, a wasteful airflow in your home will result in higher energy bills. An updated HVAC system will save you tons of money in the long run.

If you are concerned about your indoor airflow and reside in the San Antonio area, call us at Rosenberg Indoor Comfort today!

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