Is Freezing In Your Sleep On Your Winter List? Didn’t Think So!


Heating EmergencyThe cold winter months are not the right time for the heat to give out and thus turn a once toasty house in to one that becomes chillier by the minute. This is what constitutes a heating emergency and it tends to start with a faulty heating system that eventually stops working. This is when professionals need to be called right away as one cannot live without heat and it is also not good for the pipes in the home either.

Once it is noticed that heat is not coming out of vents, the system needs to be shut off or powered down for safety. However, this is the extent that one should touch the heating system as it is far too dangerous to attempt to make repairs or even determine a problem. Heating systems are intricate and complex; thus only trained professionals should be enlisted to work on them when things go wrong.

San Antonio HVACMost firms offering emergency heating service work will be able to get to the home rather quickly, but in the interim one needs to deal with the lack of heat and the ever dropping temperatures inside of the home. The first thing to do is to all gather in one room so that body heat can help keep the area warm. Everyone should put on warmer clothes such as socks, mittens, hats and scarves plus heavier clothing. Blankets are also ideal to use to stay bundled up to fend off the chill in the air.

Once the heating system has been repaired and is back up and running; know that it may take a little time to get the house back to a comfortable temperature. This is dependent on how long the heat was off and how cold the house got before the system was repaired and turned back on so it could take upwards of a few hours. It is important to keep doors and windows closed when heat goes out and keep everyone in the home if possible. However, if the heat is out for far too long and it becomes uncomfortable, it may not be a bad idea to head out to friends, family or even a hotel until the house is back to a livable temperature once again.

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