The Major Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

Sometimes, a homeowner may overlook the most straightforward maintenance duties. Changing the air filter isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean the task isn’t necessary. A dirty filter won’t clean itself, and leaving the screen in place sets the stage for tons of problems. A few of those issues could be disastrous.

Low Efficiency and High Bills

The purpose of an air filter involves capturing dirt, dust, and similar debris. A dirty filter eventually becomes clogged. Clogs restrict airflow, which then causes the furnace or AC to work harder. Working harder does not mean performing more efficiently. The now-strained heater is likely to drive up your energy bills while not operating with maximum efficiency. [Company_name] can provide a valuable tune-up to San Antonio-area residents. Besides furnace and AC maintenance, our technicians also handle ductwork, heat pump installation, and more.

Heating Distribution Is Poor

A side effect of improper efficiency is weak temperature distribution. Once again, clogs in the filter undermine airflow. The air may not run through the ducts the proper way. So, you end up with uneven temperatures in the household.

A Decrease in Air Quality

If clogged, the filter won’t be doing its job the right way. As a result, the ducts might become filthy, and excessive dirt and dust may filter through the house. Any impurities in the air may find their way into the lungs of people who are breathing. Changing the filter might not be enough to restore things to normal; thorough cleaning of the furnace and ductwork may become necessary.

A Ruined HVAC System

Putting an excess strain on the furnace or AC eventually means consequences. Unable to handle the extra load, the system may break down. The breakdown could be permanent, meaning you need a new unit. If this happens, expect to spend thousands of dollars.

Look to Rosenberg Plumbing & Air when you need to request service or inspection work. We handle cooling, heating, ductwork, and air quality requests. In 2014, we won a Quality Home Comfort Award, which should tell you about our service. Call today to have us assess your system.

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