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In San Antonio, there has been an increasing number of water rescues which have been noted. The rescues by emergency services personnel armed with boats and life preservers are the result of heavy rains which hit the entire area in mid-to-late August. The rainfall in unprecedented amounts cause rising waters to quickly reach homes and overcome roadways. Some areas of the Bexar county reported more than three inches of rain in less than two hours, with as much as five to six inches in parts of metro San Antonio in the 12-24 hour period.

The heavy rains are a reminder to home and business owners to take steps to prepare HVAC systems for cooler temperatures. Castle Hills HVAC emergency HVAC San Antonio service professionals are prepared with the knowledge and experience to provide system care. By planning ahead, emergency services may not be necessary.

A problem which officials say causes some of the need for water rescues is when drivers ignore the warning signs of water on the highways and roads. When water is rising rapidly, it is difficult to determine the depth of the water in low areas. Drivers ignore the signs which say “Turn around, don’t drown” and drive into what they mistakenly believe is only a small amount of water. Only a small depth of water can cause the vehicle to hydroplane or to stall out. The flooding causes the water to rise quickly, leaving the driver stranded.

A different kind of emergency occurs when the heating and air conditioning system in the home or business fails. If the weather is very warm, the failure of an air conditioning system leaves the homeowner suffering from dangerously high indoor temperatures. The health and safety of the home’s inhabitants can be affected.

In cold weather, a heating system which has failed is equally an emergency. As with air conditioning emergencies, the cooler weather of fall is a reminder to prepare the heating equipment in your home for winter by scheduling the regular maintenance check-up of the HVAC system.

A routine maintenance visit will often find minor problems which could turn into major issues if not addressed early. The costs of an emergency visit to repair problems can be much higher than the costs of a regular maintenance call. Some manufacturers require regular maintenance in order to keep the warranty in force.

The skilled and experienced professionals who care for your heating and air conditioning system have the knowledge to identify problems and to provide solutions. When repairs are necessary, the work can be done in short order. Depending upon the type of maintenance plan which is selected, the costs can be quite affordable.

When new parts are needed, the technician chooses the type of quality parts which are compatible with the model and brand. The use of high-quality parts extends the life of the entire system, making the costs even more affordable on an annualized basis. Planning ahead helps homeowners to avoid the need for a rush service visit at inconvenient times.

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