Castle Hills HVAC Deals With Record October Heat

October 2016 has set some records for Autumn temperature highs. The area around San Antonio Texas includes Castle Hills and other communities which participated in the record-setting heat wave which hit Central Texas this year. For those home and business owners whose buildings are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC), October is usually the time when the thoughts of indoor air comfort turn from air conditioning to heating. Castle Hills HVAC professionals provide the services necessary to keep the system operating at full efficiency.

This year, the high temperatures meant that the air conditioning side of the HVAC system had to work a littler longer and a little harder than usual. The high temperatures made the relief of conditioned and filtered air even more welcome. When the break in the heat finally arrived, it was time to do the regular maintenance check-up for the system.

When an HVAC system is properly maintained, it is likely to last longer and to provide better energy efficiency. For most homes and businesses, maintenance should be done twice yearly. Checking the system before the two heavy usage periods of the year ensures that the system will provide peak efficiency. This timing would equate to a maintenance session in October to prepare for the cold weather months and April to prepare for the hot weather period of the year in Texas.

An efficient HVAC system will perform at a lower usage of power. Many people are not aware that eve a nearly microscopic layer of dust or moisture on the connections and surfaces of the sensors can act almost like an insulation layer. This means that the readings returned by the sensors are faulty. The system may end up working harder to heat the indoor air, or alternately, to cool the air. This can amount to a significant over-usage of power to operate the system.

The cost of maintenance of a heating and AC system is somewhat like an insurance policy on the entire system. The minor problems which can arise with the system can be identified and addressed before they become large problems. Regular maintenance will also help to avoid unwarranted energy usage.

The health of household members is an important reason to ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is operating at optimum levels. A clean system means that dirt, mold, and other organisms are not being released into the indoor air. Filters which are doing their job can capture the organisms which would otherwise be inhaled, causing respiratory problems in sensitive individuals.

The service technicians work from an extensive checklist to ensure that all parts of the equipment and connections are working properly. Contacts, lines, and filters, as well as fluid and lubricant levels, are checked and repaired or replenished as needed. The professional will also check thermostats and other accessories of the equipment.

Even when there are unexpected temperature swings affecting the heating and cooling systems of the house, the equipment should be operating at top efficiency. Regular maintenance is a key factor in keeping the indoor air at a clean and comfortable level.

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