Benefits of a UV Air Sanitizer

Rosenberg Indoor Comfort UV air sanitizer How clean is the air blowing around and inside your house? Most of the time, the answer to this question is “not good.” In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that the air quality inside your house is sometimes ten times more polluted than the air outside. One of the reasons why this could be happening is due to the excessive sealing of our homes in our quest to make them more energy-efficient.

Micro-organisms such as mold and bacteria are among the leading invisible enemies of healthy breathing in your home in San Antonio, TX. One way to deal with these micro-organisms is through the installation of an ultra-violet air sanitizer.

What Is a UV Sanitizer and How Does It Work?
A UV air sanitizer utilizes UV-C which is part of the UV light spectrum that is usually filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere, to kill most of the airborne germs. The primary goal of the UV air sanitizer is to eliminate the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. UV-C is not a new technology. It has been in use for over a century in various applications to kill germs in the air and on surfaces. In fact, so many healthcare facilities use UV-C to sanitize medical equipment, room and even sink. Today, the power of UV-C is harnessed for personal use in our homes.

What Are the Benefits of UV Air Sanitizers?
UV air sanitizers eliminate pollutants such as bacteria and mold. UV air sanitizers play a critical role in getting rid of the mold and bacteria from your indoor air. In fact, ultraviolet light has also been proven to control bacteria, mold, fungi, and mildew by attacking and destroying their DNA. It is also effective in managing secondary allergies that may result from the allergen in the air. The UV air sanitizers are also a powerful weapon in fighting airborne enemies such as measles, flu, and pneumonia.

The UV air sanitizers also help you to get rid of odors from your home. Keep in mind that odors may come from both organic and inorganic compounds and usually present serious health hazards. The most common volatile organic compounds include carbon chemicals that can evaporate rapidly into the air that you breathe. Some of the culprits in your home that produce volatile organic compounds include wall coverings, vinyl, air fresheners and flooring. You must find a way of controlling these contaminants even if you have a powerful ventilation system. Keep in mind that odors are not just unpleasant but could also affect your health and that of your family members.

The other benefits of UV air sanitizers include:

  • They offer a chemical-free way of sanitizing your indoor air
  • They are highly effective at killing most of the common germs and viruses
  • Eliminates over 99 percent of all airborne germs
  • Fights allergens such as mold spores
  • Uses ultraviolet light to effectively sanitize surfaces and air your office or home

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