The Beginning of Air Conditioners – San Antonio, TX

Did you know that modern air conditioning was invented in the early 1900s by Willis Carrier, not for cooling purposes, but for a publishing company? The humidity caused the books and paper to expand and contract too much, so a solution was needed. The invention was never meant to be used for comfort, but we are thankful it eventually served that purpose.

Any Texas resident knows how humidity can make it feel so much hotter, even suffocating, when it’s hot out. Thankfully, air conditioners were designed to remove humidity from the air! You’ll realize just how crucial this process is if your cooling system ever ceases to function. Without too much humidity in the air, it will feel cooler, your body will be able to regulate itself and its temperature properly, there won’t be the risk of mold and spore growth compromising your health, and the materials in your home won’t go through expansion and contraction, risking a breakdown. You don’t want to have to worry about what will happen if your air conditioner is not working properly or stops working completely in a Texas summer.

When your air conditioning goes out, locals trust the team at Rosenberg Indoor Comfort for AC Repair San Antonio. Without air conditioning in your home, the heat and humidity are stifling. We strive to get your air conditioner up and running as soon as possible. Thanks to Willis Carrier (and Rosenberg Indoor Comfort), your home will be cool, comfortable, and humidity-free! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.