Allergens are Everywhere this Season…


San Antonio AirIf you suffer from allergic asthma or hay fever, then it is important to take precautionary measures to avoid health complications this spring. Reducing indoor allergens is the best way, but outdoor setup influences the intensity of these allergens too and should not be set aside when preparing for spring.

Allergy attacks occur when delicate membranes such as those found in the throat, nose and eyes get exposed to substances perceived by your immune system as a threat.

Following these three steps will go a long way in ensuring your home is allergy-proof.

1. Regular cleaning

While you might need to enjoy the weather when spring sets in, limiting the amount of pollen that gets blown inside the house will partly solve this menace. Regular cleaning removes pollen and other allergens that get stuck in your house.

Materials that generate dust such as carpets should regularly be cleaned to help keep the house dust free.

Acquiring a vacuum cleaner that has high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter will help when you have to clean your carpets. Still, it can be done by seeking the services of a professional company to do periodic cleaning.

2. Choose the right landscapingSan Antonio Air Quality

Landscaping makes a home look elegant and stylish. However, the choice of plants that constitute it will largely influence the amount of pollen present in your home, which is not good during spring.

Employ professionals to choose the correct types of trees with low-allergy pollen. Seeking their services will not only leave your home looking great, but also free of allergic pollen.

3. Keeping your home dry and cool

Keeping your air conditioner in perfect working condition will help keep your home cool. Utilize your air conditioner to cool the house instead of leaving your windows open, which leads to pollen getting its way into your house.

Using a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels below 50 percent is another added advantage. Research has it that homes with low levels of relative humidity have low levels of allergens and mites as well. Make sure you conduct regular maintenance by seeking the services of a plumbing company.

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