Air Quality Control: Take Charge This Spring


San Antonio AirSpringtime brings pollen and dust into your home. You cannot anticipate how much dust and dirt will make it into your house, but you can take steps to stop it. The suggestions in this article are intended to change the way you prepare for the warm season ahead.

The HVAC System

Your air conditioning system must be serviced before the spring. Your technician will handle repairs, replace your air filters and check your ducts. You can call a duct cleaning service to ensure the cleanliness of the system, and you can clean your own vents to keep the dust out of the house. Caring for the HVAC system with these four steps alone makes quite a difference.

Your Attic And Crawl Space

You may not go into your attic or crawl space very much, but you must check these spaces before the spring. The attic can harbor dust and pollen that leaks in through the roof. You can clean this pollen on your own, but you need to ask a roofer to check the roof for problems. A roofer that inspects your roof can do small repairs on the spot to prevent dust and pollen from getting in.

Your Windows And Fans

San Antonio Air Quality
You must keep your windows closed in the spring to prevent pollen from entering the house. Use ceiling fans to circulate air, and ensure that your window fans are properly insulated. You also need to check each window to ensure that weather-stripping is secure, and you must do the same with your exterior doors.
The windows and doors in the house allow more pollen and dust in the house than anything else. A simple purchase of weather-stripping can prevent pollen from infesting your house even when the doors and windows are closed.


Preparing your home for the hot spring and summer is critical for a healthy lifestyle. You must keep dust and pollen out of the house using the suggestions above, and you need to remain diligent in caring for your home. Every step is one that allows your family to breathe clean air in the spring.

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